How would you feel?- Knicks latest rumors and potential TRAIDS.... (no amar'e's(???) or melo's TRAIDS)

Since I am not Seth but rather a young knick fan, I will try my best in providing some links.

First piece of info:

It seems Jason Kidd is interested in the knicks.

Soon-to-be free agent point guard Jason Kidd has a lot of options in his mind. The 39-year old can picture himself hooping in various cities next season: Kidd would be happy backing up Deron Williams in Brooklyn (or Jeremy Lin in Manhattan), taking a one-year deal to return to Dallas, or moving to the Windy City to help Derrick Rose out. Per the Daily Herald: "Retirement is not on Kidd’s mind and he suggested money will not be his highest priority when he chooses a team. ‘My days of playing 38 minutes are over,’ he said. ‘Right now, physically and mentally, I feel great and would love to compete. I would be fine starting or not starting. I do want to finish the games, though. I think at this point in my career, it’s about winning and hopefully having the opportunity to win another championship.’"

If this is possible, I say sign him. Nash may not be coming and jkidd is a great mentor. Furthermore, he wants to come off the bench(!). He would be a great sign for us. However, his age and health(?) could be a problem. How would you guys feel about j-kidd coming over here? I would assume he comes here for vet min.

Second piece of info:

While this information is not really, for the lack of a better word, skewed towards the knicks,

According to Alex Kennedy of

The Thunder hold pick No. 28, but it’s unlikely that they’ll keep it. Sources close to the situation say that Oklahoma City is satisfied with their young core and they aren’t interested in paying a prospect guaranteed money when he likely won’t be part of the rotation. The Thunder will likely trade or sell the pick. If they aren’t able to move the selection, expect them to draft a foreign player who they can keep overseas for several years.

I also heard that they would like a potential post player. Maybe Douglas and The Franchise player of the Garbage Time Jerome Jordan All-stars, Jerome PANJEROMIUM Jordan. I think this unlikely but possible that it could happen. However, there could be potential issues though. I am not aware if there are or not.

Third info:

Jamal Crawford has opted out of his contract with the Trail Blazers and entered free agency. Teams said to be on his radar include the Heat, Clippers, Kings, Knicks and Cavaliers. Crawford, 32, averaged 14.0 points per game last season. He was originally drafted by the Cavs with the No. 8 pick in 2000, then quickly shipped to the Bulls for Chris Mihm.

How would you feel about jcrossover on the knicks?

THE NBA NEEDS TO MAKE A FREAKING DECISION NOW. EVERYTHING RIDES ON THIS. I want ray ray, jcrossover (???), odom, and jkidd on the knicks.


Nash is interested in the knicks.

"The Knicks are a great franchise and I live in New York City (each summer), so I'd definitely consider them if they were interested," the Phoenix Suns mainstay said at a promotional appearance in Manhattan.

I like kidd but if nash can come here with lin, I would be so happy.

Kidd is cool too.

While this all speculation, there is still a chance that it could happen. I definitely (or rather hope to) see kidd or nash coming here to mentor lin. Jcrossover would also be nice.


Clyde is at work. He is using his charm on steve nash. Now all he needs to is bring to his restaurant and give a free stumbling and bumbling drink.

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