Carmelo and Amare: Square peg & Round hole

I'm a Knicks fan first and foremost, not a Stoudamire or Melo fan first. I don't think that with 2 or 3 more years of playing together will they co exist well. Just my opinion, and I'm not an expert. I do know that there are 3 people on this team that have carried the team, maybe even 4. Melo, Stoudamire, and Jeremy Lin have all for stretches of 2010 and 2011 season carried the Knicks on their backs. Tyson Chandler I could make a case for because his defense has improved the team as a whole.

I don't think they can all exist together at the same time, in the same space, but that's OK. Rather than ignore it, the Knicks need to do something about it. These are just my thoughts on a solution.

Amare is a better offensive center than power forward at this point in his career. Tyson Chandler is a better center, and a better defensive presence. The Knicks need to change Stoudamire to an unofficial 6th man. Rather than get caught up in the crap about who starts and who doesn't, just take Stoudamire out of the game and keep him at 30-33 minutes a game. He can play 15 minutes at center in place of Chandler, and 15-20 minutes at power forward.

The rest of those minutes at power forward should go to Antoine Jamison, formerly of the Warriors, Wizards, and Cavs. He's a professional, he's still a good player, he's an all around guy, and a good team mate, and he's a good 2nd option, or 3rd. He's been consistent to a fault. He will give you 16-18 points as a 2nd or 3rd option. He gets on average 6-8 rebounds a game, around 2 assists, a block and a steal. He's been doing about that or better for the past 10 years. The thing he also does is shoot the 3. He shot 34% last year for the Cavs from downtown. This isn't Steve Novak level, but its decent, and he can give you more defense, and a more all around game than Novak.

The Knicks can resign Lin this off season. They can bring on Jamison as a 6th man, or basically the guy to play while Melo is on the floor, and he can be a 2nd fiddle to Melo, Lin, or JR Smith. He'll do his job, and bring a veteran work ethic to the team. Stoudamire can come in and out as a center or power forward and only spend maybe 10 minutes on the court with Carmelo a game.

If the Knicks did this, the 2 best players wouldn't keep tripping eachother up trying to figure out who the ball should go through. I remember the Bulls of the 90's. Jordan and Pippen were rarely on the floor simultaneusly. The Bulls would just bring them in together in the 4th quarter and in spurts, otherwise, one was resting while the other was controlling the game. The Knicks need to follow that philosophy. I don't care if Amare is brought off the bench like a 6th man, or if he starts and than takes a seat at the 1st foul call/ time out. Just give them both their individual times to shine.

The draft I can see the Knicks taking Scott Machadu from Iona. He's a pass first point guard, and a guard that can keep the offense from stalling. Tony Douglas is not a PG, Baron Davis is injury prone, and probably gone. Mike Bibby is gone as well. PG should be the position drafted, and one that is about creating offense, and not scoring is needed. This guy fits the bill. Lynn starts, and Douglass and Machado battle for minutes as the #2 PG.

My 2012 Knicks roster looks like this:

PG Lin, Douglass, Machado (hoping Machado can surpass Douglass)

SG Shumpert, JR Smith (hoping he returns)

SF Anthony, Fields, Jared Jeffries

PF Stoudamire, Jamison,

C Chandler, Harrellson, Jordan

I don't see returns for Steve Novak, Mike Bibby, Dan Gadzuric, or Baron Davis. I do know the Knicks have the bird rights to Novak, but I think he's made his money last season, so that he can get his deal this season.

This roster has good facilitators in Lin and Machado.

Good defenders in Shumpert, Douglas, Jeffries, and Chandler

Good penetrators in Lin, Anthony, Stoudamire, Shumpert

Good outside shooters in JR Smith, Anthony, Harrellson

Good midrange shooters JR Smith, Anthony, Stoudamire, Jamison

Good inside scoring from Stoudamire, Anthony

Shot Blocking is a weakness with only Chandler as a legit shot blocker

rebounding is average with Chandler, Stoudamire, Anthony, Harrellson as ok. Lin is also a great rebounder for a guard

Perimeter defense is ok with JR Smith, Douglas, Shumpert, Fields

The Knicks made it to the playoffs, but they were swept in large part to a slew of injuries, but in a small part because they needed to put guys in positions to play where they are comfortable. I think its time to forget about Stoudamire the PF, and think about Stoudamire as the early season MVP center from 2010. That's where his money is to be made.

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