Know the Prospect: Kris Joseph

Hey kids, ride bikes. I am stingy. After feeling like a total dim nimbus for pressuring Rodge into writing about John Shurna- i decided to take the baton and get us to know someone else. I wanted to reciprocate. In part because writing assignments suck. I also wanted to give Ross a break, because he shouldn't have to know about everybody. Unfortunately for you the reader, who may hope to actually find out about a certain prospect, Ross probably knows better than I. Sorry, sucka!

Kris (with a K!) Joseph. Borned in Montreal, which resides in Cananads (☜ let me know if you need a copy). His parents is Trini (☜ let me know if you need a copy). What the FRENCH they doin in the nite club!? Kris also has a cousin who plays for the Slam Andover Spurts, a cousin who plays for the Oregano Dunks, and a brother who played for Michelin Spate Tartans and the Vermouth Catamounts. He was born on December 17th, pace adjusted that leaves him right at the edge of Ophiuchus. Sagitarians are born to be a flash in the pan, never truly understanding the end game. Nevertheless, they have a knack for sparking more volatile elements into action. How's your alchemist?

Kris has some decent size, he's like 6'7" or 6'6'", and 220-ish pounds. He's a good player on a good team, that team being the Syracuse Orangaide. The smart drafty people think he's a mid-late second round pick. Draft Express was all like, "Listen buddy, he's going in the second round- 24th pick." NBA Draft Dot Net laughed and looked at me like Draft Express was trying to pull the wool over my eyes, and said "Look, if you guys pass on him at 18, the Outlandish Manic are gonna snap him up right away." Then the Hoops Report was like, "I know nobody asked me, but I predict that the LA Cliffers, will select him at draft position fifty-thrice."

Smartso's say... Draught expresso, NBA Draught Nest

Amateur take- he played for syracuse. so he's good, but not good enough.

The Clyde factor- "Pass the ball, man!"

Let's hit up the youtubes, dawgs!

NBA 2K12 My Player: Kris Joseph "NBA Season Debut" ft.G00DF3LLA5 (via FPDope)

Kris Joseph " SEIZURE OF POWER " // SYRACUSE ORANGE (via sheeksantana)

Get To Know Kris Joseph (via palestranet)

What we learnt. Stingy don't fuckin care g.

In conclusion, these are awesome when someone else does it, so join in and profile one of these tomato cans.

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