Knicks Free Agency Things: 7/1/12 (Updated 3:35 PM)

Apr 7, 2012; Milwaukee, WI, USA; Portland Trail Blazers guard Raymond Felton (5) during the game against the Milwaukee Bucks at the Bradley Center. The Bucks defeated the Trail Blazers 116-94. Mandatory Credit: Jeff Hanisch-US PRESSWIRE

Good day, children! Free agency has begun! As we speak, the Knicks front office is probably busy as hell making phone calls, planning meetings, and ordering Edible Arrangements for courtship purposes. Here's what's up right now:

- The Knicks will indeed be one of the teams to meet with Steve Nash at some point today. Again, given what other teams are prepared to offer, the only way Glen Grunwald and company can even hold Nash's attention is to finagle some sort of sign-and-trade. I don't really see it happening based on what I've read (and I'm frightened to see what sort of assets the Knicks would have to lose to make that work.), but it doesn't hurt to have a meeting. (Update: See Nilov's comment for some details on how a sign-and-trade might work).

- Jason Kidd will also draw interest, and Marc Berman says that Raymond Felton should as well. Berman says Grunwald will "reconnect" with Felton today, but that's it. That could amount to just a text that says "sup" with no response. I bet Raymond Felton has a flip phone.

- Al Iannazzone throws Dahntay Jones's name in there as well. That sounds like just another option (and one that makes absolutely no sense to me) as opposed to a sourced report of pursuit.

- Steve Novak and his agent will obviously field other offers before they sit down with the Knicks. I don't think I've read about interest from any specific teams, but I guess they're out there.

Yeap. It's quiet right now, but we're just about 12 hours into this. I'll update throughout the day as needed. Hope you're all having pleasant, rash-free Sundays. <3

Update (12:13 PM): Marc Berman suggests that a sign-and-trade for Nash (which, remember, would still pay Nash way less than other teams are willing to pay him) might have to include a signed player like Jared Jeffries (okay...), Steve Novak (hmm...) or Iman Shumpert (NO. NEVER.). That's just Berman suggestin', though. Take it with as many grains of salt as you please.

Update (3:35 PM): So, this is a couple hours old (I was swimming), but Adrian Wojnarowski reported that the Suns, if they were to sign-and-trade Steve Nash to the Knicks, might be interested in taking back Landry Fields. This still doesn't sound like a likely outcome and I'm still wary of New York's ability to match the spine-preserving magic of the Phoenix medical staff, but a trade including Fields is significantly less horrifying than a trade including Shumpert would be.

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