The overpaid, overhyped, imbalanced big 3 that WILL... shock the world!

Boys and girls... posters and toasters... let's do this.

The Miami Heat have their first championship in the bag and as such, for the foreseeable future, the useful amnestied, waived, old-with-no-ring and healing veterans will be flocking to South Beach like space debris towards a black hole... or, if Pat "the rat" Riley can't muster up enough of his bad karma chuck e. bucks to buy whoever he wants, the rest may gravitate towards Hollywood to ride Kobe's coattails for just one more pathetic chance.

Which sets us up perfectly for us to actually, possibly, become the little subway car that could. Maybe the pundits and the casters and the critics will look back on the Summer of O'12 and say "huh, ya know what? they made some damn smart moves."

And this is how we want it. This is how Carmelo and Amare and Tyson need it. This is how Lin and Novak and Shump and Gumby and Kidd and White and JR will thrive... by becoming what we all want them to become... more than the sum of their parts. Let's simply Gestalt the hell outta the next 3 years and give a collective NY bird to the divas and prima donnas of Florida and Los Angeles (and whoever else gets in our way) and play inspired, TEAM, flowing ferocious basketball... Mike "the chocalatiest Mr. Potato Head ever" Woodson-style.

Let's love it when Tyson and Camby are on the floor together swatting balls into the stands like whack a mole at the Jersey boardwalk.

Let's love it when JR is throwing no look passes to his unlikeliest (and not because he's white and dorky) of BFF's Steven A. Novakaine.

Let's love it when Shump is shutting down bitc$es like he was Gandolph yelling "YOU SHALL NOT PASSSSSS!" and James "I swear, I'm not a stupid basketball player anymore" White is throwing down lobs from the mezzanine.

Let's reeeeaaalllly love it when Jason "I invented the rebound and push it" Kidd is showing Jeremy "I have and will continue to produce truly unfathomable levels of basketball insanity" Lin how winning shit get's done around here.

And yes, let's love it, when Carmelo "I'm sort of from New York" Anthony and Amare "no, seriously, I came here to be a Knick, not for the max deal" Stoudemire and Tyson "I totally won that Dallas championship more than Dirk did" Chandler are outworking, outdefending, outhustling and outcollaborating every other big 2, big 3 or big 4 that crosses our path.

Essentially, what I'm posting here, is that I'm in... (I think)... and I'm ready to give us a shot... for at least like the first 2 weeks of the season... probably... or until Melo shoots 7 for 26 in an overtime loss where one of his 7 made shots was the one that put us into overtime.

Seriously though, I am pretty freakin' excited, I am genuinely diggin' the moves we've made thus far, andI am wholeheartedly looking forward to the lovable scraps we dig up to fill out our bench ('cause without Jorts, we're short on lovable).

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