Once MDA resigned, our team galvanized and played inspired ball.

Should Lin not return, and should Felton be given the helm... it'll have the same effect... the only difference is that we'll be a solid, veteran, savvy team with depth instead of a younger and more unproven team with uncertain depth.

Sure, it hurts that the player that brought us more joy than we've known in the past 12 years is gone, either through his betrayal, or through Melo's, or through Grunwalds, or through Dolans.

But strangely, I like what we are and can be.

Sure, we all love the young guys with athleticism and potential... and I'm no exception... but given what I've seen from the Heat and Thunder, we're going to have to find a different way to win because we'll never be able to match their talent or athleticism.

Felton and Kidd run smart, solid pick and rolls... and Amare thrives with effective PG's who know the angles and how to deliver the ball. Both can push the ball, Kidd can hit the 3 and Felton can take the hit and finish. It's a strong, smart, solid, though not dynamic PG tandem who can play together if need be.

Shump and JR bring offense, defense and athleticism on the wing... this is our most "exciting" position, and I like how they compliment each other... both of whom will be highly motivated.

Melo (despite my dislike of the guy) can do his thing, and in my opinion will be determined to prove that Lin was not necessary and that Felton gives us our best shot. Novak is now a known commodity and will be better at moving without the ball and positioning himself on kickouts (and he wasn't that awful defending the post). And White and Copeland appear to be serviceable depth who can score and scrap.

Amare again, will thrive (provided he's healthy) with Felton running the point (who will come in healthy and with a chip on his shoulder). Kurt is the perfect backup for Amare... because he too can hit the jumper on the roll and can teach Amare how to defend the post.

And Tyson and Camby are perhaps the best 1/2 defensive/rebounding punch at the 5 spot in the league... actually, it's not perhaps, it's fact.

And lastly, our basketball IQ has been raised exponentially by adding our elder statesmen (which is much different than the IQ that Lin brought) and the leadership we've brought in will increase the production of guys like Melo and Amare by relieving them of the duties they were not built to perform (leadership).

So we can mourn and raise holy hell for the loss of Lin and the absolute purging of future draft picks... but not at the expense of looking forward to a beastly, deep squad of veterans who have a chance of outsmarting and outmuscling the other contenders.

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