The worst things to happen to this franchise over the past 25 years

In Lieu of the front office's failure to match Jeremy Lin's offer sheet from Houston, I thought I'd shed some light as to why we shouldn't be surprised.

5 - The Eddy Curry trade.

Not only was he a horrible player for us, but even after the insane amount of money we paid this guy, there are two things that sting more. We gave up the right to draft LaMarcus Aldridge for him, and may sting even worse, Curry now has a ring.

4 - The Shandon Anderson trade

We took on Houston's abysmal contract and were yet again saddled over the cap for years. Ironically Houston seems to do really well in all its dealings with the Knicks. We also added Howard Isley in this deal. Two huge contract guys, who were below average at best. People don't really talk about these guys that much but we had around 60 million tied up in the two of them for 4 years.

3 - The Marbury Trade

This is just one I wish we could wipe off the board. Marbury was never the kind of player you want to build a team around. He is like a 6'4'' Carmelo Anthony, with less game. We all know how this saga ended, Marbury with a statue in China. I wonder if Melo will have a statue in Melbourne or Barcelona when its all said and done.

2 - The Mark Jackson trade

In 1992 in their infinite wisdom the FO made two terrible decisions. They let Xavier McDaniel walk, and traded Mark Jackson for Doc Rivers and Charles Smith. We thought Jackson was done and with a young Greg Anthony drafted the year before felt the need to add a big man who could score opposite Ewing. The only time you even hear Smith's name is when we bring up soft players who couldn't make a layup. Jackson wen't on to finish his career with the second most assists in history, until he was passed by Jason Kidd. That team never really had a true floor general, something that could have pushed us over the hump in 1994.

1 - The 2000 strike shortened finals run.

Wait... The unexpected run to the finals in 2000 was an awesome story, how could that have possibly been a bad thing. Well it spurned on all sorts of false hope and bad decisions. First Allan Houston was given 100 million (BWWHHHAAAHHAA) dollars. Huge mistake. Up until that point no backcourt player had ever seen that kind of money, and giving it to Houston was a bad move. The trade of Ewing instead of eating his contract the following year. It was thought that the core of Camby, Houston and Sprewell were on their way up, and adding a few pieces IE Glen Rice and Luc Longley, would push us over the hump. All it did was lock us in a salary cap disaster that became worse and worse, year after year. Every time I see Houston make that last second layup as a highlight, i cringe, and know that it basically set the franchise back a decade.

So fear not Knick fans. Losing Lin sucks, but we have made bigger, more costly mistakes, and survived. At the very least we know we are only stuck with this cast of characters for 3 more years, and than can start fresh.

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