My open letter to Jeremy Lin

Hey Jeremy,

How's it going? I know you're probably happy that whole situation is over with, and you got paid. Good for you buddy. But on my end things aren't so bright.

On a personal note I decided to take a short break with the website I've been with over a year now. I contributed over 100 articles, and posts there since then. Today I got a giant fuck you from the owner of the site by telling me I haven't been a major part of the site. I kind of can relate to what happened to you Jeremy. I felt disposable, and abandoned. Like I wasn't wanted. Even if I handled my decision as maturely as I possibly could.

I'm looking for a site that's willing to bring me in for me. A site that cares about what I have to say, and treats me right. This is a small problem, but it's a frustrating one. I've been committed to this site for a year, and when I ask for a break to look some things over, and weigh my options from other sites I got screwed.

I feel that is very similar to what Dolan did to you Jeremy.

I saw Seth's recent post about what you had to say. It made me realize that you were gone. You weren't ours anymore. You aren't a Knick. You're a Rocket.

While it seems you were unappreciated by our evil owner, you were not unappreciated by the fan base. I'm sure 95% of the members here at Posting and Toasting were eagerly waiting for the Knicks to match your offer so we can see more magic. More Linsanity.

Linsanity was the funnest part of my NBA fandom. I was never so excited to turn on a basketball and watch you play. You had game. Your game vs. the Lakers was probably the highlight of my season. Which included my favorite player LeBron James winning the NBA Championship. That's how much you meant to me as not only a Knicks fan, but a fan of basketball.

You still have your doubters. Some of them are in this very organization. Some are on ESPN, like Stephen A. Smith. There are even some on this website I bet. But prove them wrong in Houston. Lead the Rockets like you led the Knicks. Become the star we all know you can be.

I bought tickets to see a game in April, but you were hurt. The main reason I went to go see the Knicks was because of you. But that's okay I still had a great time.

I don't know how you acted in the locker room, but I know those reports about you being a bad teammate are false. The organization handled this situation very poorly, and childishly.

I wish you the best in Houston Jeremy.



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