SummerCavs 98, SummerKnicks 64

July 19, 2012; Las Vegas, NV, USA; New York Knicks guard Mustapha Farrakhan (5) during the second half of the game against the Toronto Raptors at the Cox Pavilion. Mandatory Credit: Jayne Kamin-Oncea-US PRESSWIRE

Well, I'd hoped that the SummerKnicks' trend of narrowing their deficit with each passing loss would lead to a week-ending win, but...yeah, no such luck. Cleveland's squad, which had, like, real NBA players and stuff on it, just wiped the floor with our poor, sweet SummerKnicks. Not an exaggeration. Samardo Samuels used a few guys as mops.

After the jump, you'll find a few notes, a few takeaways from Summer League in general, and maybe a picture of a pumpkin.

- Chris Copeland was cookin' soup from the perimeter to open the game. He didn't shoot all that much later, but drained a succession of effortless long jumpers from up top (both off the catch and off the bounce) in the early going. That's like a quarter of New York's points right there. The effortlessness, meanwhile, extended to other parts of the game, like defense and rebounding. He's very good at the "I'm relatively near the play and have my hands up but am not actually imposing myself on any member of the opposition" defense. It's admirable, actually.

- I can't quite figure out Sylven Landesberg's arrangement with Maccabi Tel Aviv, but I know he's under contract and apparently mentioned that during an interview with Alan Hahn. It didn't seem like Landesberg did enough in his two games to earn a camp invite anyway, but we'll see.

- Jeremiah Rivers had some vaguely point guard-y moments, which was nice to see, but perhaps not of any interest to these Knicks.

- Knicks in attendance today: Raymond Felton, J.R. Smith (in a beret of sorts), and de facto Knick Baron Davis.

- Jerome Jordan's camouflage backpack is currently blocking my view of the Blazers game.

Yeah. It's been kind of a meek, uninspiring Summer League for New York, what with the Marcus Camby trade and Jeremy Lin situation screwing up/overshadowing things. A few things from the week as a whole:

- We talked yesterday about New York's depth needs at the shooting guard and large gentleman positions. James White, who's already signed anyway, was the only wing of note this week (in my opinion. If you saw something from the other guys, holler). Of the bigs, I'd say Artsiom Parakhouski is the likeliest to get a training camp invite. He's quite large, he blocks folks now and then, he puts in work around the backboard, and he's got decent touch out to like 1.5 feet. Also, he's Belarusian and he's Artsy, and the Knicks are lacking in both departments.

- Of the guards (White excluded), I'd say Mustapha Farrakhan > Jeremiah Rivers > Mychel Thompson > Chris Smith. That was mostly arbitrary and I forgot to include Sylven Landesberg, but he only played in two games so it's cool.

- I really need sleep. I need so much sleep. I'm typing with my eyelids.

- A pumpkin.

Thus concludes a pretty lame Vegas Summer League for the Knicks (that doesn't really reflect poorly on the team or anything, so we're clear). They'll have a first-rounder this time next year, so we can look forward to that, I suppose. And I guess they'll have a regular season in between, too.

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