Double Post: Player Relationships, Chemistry and Comfort. + Wing Market

I didn't want to make two new FanPosts, so I'm making one frankenstein post (I'll divide them obviously).

Player Relationships, Chemistry and Comfort.

Am I the only one that is extremely interested in all the cross-relations from past teams on this team? I mean, like all these guys have some sort of connection that is pretty damn cool.

Here are some (probably forgetting some):

  • Felton: Played with Amar'e here and a lot of success (especially considering how they both played last season). Played with JR in Denver for a little and then with Thomas and Camby in Portland.
  • Tyson: Played with Kidd for a season and won a ring as the 2nd and 3rd best players on their team (well IMO, I could see some placing Marion at #3 over Kidd).
  • Carmelo: Played with JR and Camby for a very long time in Denver. Obviously JR came last year. James White also played with Melo and JR in Denver (Camby was gone by then), although I think he was cut by pre-season.
  • Thomas: Played with Camby in NY a while ago. And then in Portland together.
  • And then obviously all the guys that played together on last season's Knicks roster.

And now the other point:

Wing Options via Free Agency (starting SG, back up SG or back up SF):

As we all know we have a pretty complete roster with one major hole (technically temporary because Shump is injured). We saw last season went into the season with one HUGE hole, PG. This year our SG hole isn't as big of a deal because we have JR who plays that position well, have some guys who can slide out of position to play some minutes there (White and Kidd for sure, Novak and Melo are debatable) and SG isn't as important as PG (especially considering we were running D'Antoni's offense last year). But most importantly, there are still PLENTY of free agents out there to fill the spot. Obviously we're limited to the minimum, but that doesn't mean we can't get a quality player (someone who can play 20 minutes a game and probably start until Shump returns). Here are some names:

  • Willie Green: Solid SG, very possible for the minimum. Can hit a 3 (as he did many times vs us) and defend. Good fit. Could start.
  • Mickael Pietrus: Solid SG too. Possible for the minimum. He apparently has a big European offer. He can defend well. He has an erratic/ inconsistent 3 point shot. Great locker room guy. Could start.
  • Delonte West: Very solid combo guard. Long shot for the minimum. He's kind of a nutcase but seems like a good teammate (unless you're LeBron). Great fit. Can shoot and defend. He's a little undersized for SG. Chemistry with Jason Kidd. Would start.
  • Rudy Fernadez: Good but inconsistent young guard. I'm not sure, but I think Denver didn't offer him the QO making him unrestricted. Either way, he's a long shot at the minimum. Would be nice to get a young guy. He's a great passer and a good shooter. He probably gets a big offer from an overseas team. Would start.
  • Randy Foye: Very solid guard. Somewhat possible for the minimum depending on his priorities. Good shooter and defender. A little undersized. Great fit. Would start.
  • Matt Barnes: Back up SF, not starting SG. Although he would help the hole at SG because it allows other guys to move over there for a few minutes. Good defender and erratic shooter. Solid fit. Wouldn't start.
  • Carlos Delfino: Good guard. Worth way more than the minimum but might have to settle depending on the market. Great shooter and defender. Has had some good battles with Melo. Would start.
  • Marco Belinelli: Great shooter, subpar at everything else. Rumored to be close to Chicago for the BAE. Might start.
  • Jodie Meeks: Again, great shooter, subpar at everything else. His defense is pretty bad but his shooting would be nice with the starters. Possible for the minimum. It helps that he's young.
  • Michael Redd: Was a great shooter. Very injury prone. Really hard to predict what he can contribute. Minimum guy.
  • Sonny Weems: Good slasher, tools to be a great defender (amazing athlete). Young. Chemistry with Melo and JR. Poor jump shot. Worth more than the minimum but might settle.
  • Josh Childress: Basically an older Landry Fields. Horrible shooter with nice slashing. Had his best year under Woodson. Tough to say his value, right now he's a minimum guy. Wouldn't start.
  • Martell Webster: Solid defensively and can shoot (erratic though). Back up SF. Minimum guy right now.
  • Shawne Williams: We know about this guy. Purp can shoot and defend in the right role. Minimum guy for back up SF/PF.

My top 3: Foye, Fernadez and Delfino. Although I think we end up with Weems or Childress.
Some big men too: Kenyon Martin, Chris Anderson, Troy Murphy and Ronny Turiaf. We don't need any of them (well except Kenyon), but they'd be good minimum signings.

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