Searching for the Knicks' Fifteenth Man

Artsy/Artie Credit: Jayne Kamin-Oncea-US PRESSWIRE)

In yesterday's Fix, Alan Hahn rehashed New York's roster situation-- thirteen guaranteed Knicks plus Chris Copeland as the non-guaranteed fourteenth-- and ran off a quick list of candidates for that fifteenth spot (on a minimum contract). Here's what Hahn had to say:

The 15th (and final) spot may go to one more veteran to improve the depth of the frontcourt, with names such as Lou Amundson, Kenyon Martin, Chris Andersen, Josh Howard, Yi Jianlian and Shawne Williams (among many others) still looking for a home. The team may go in another direction, however, and use that 15th spot for D-League call-ups, with the likes of Wesley Witherspoon, D.J. Kennedy and Artie Parakhouski catching the eyes of scouts during the NBA Summer League. Those players could wind up with the Knicks' D-League affiliate in Erie and come up when or if needed.


1. First and foremost, read on for Alan's thoughts on our reckoning with the curse composer, Robert Randolph. Hahn tries to pretend like the theme song had nothing to do with New York's Friday night struggles. THE GHOULS MADE IT INTO ALAN'S HEAD.

2. Back on topic: Alan's list is a sound one. This longer list will help you fill in the cracks with a couple names he missed (and/or ones that don't interest the Knicks. Not sure how much Hahn's list is based on New York's preferences). I like all the names Hahn mentioned aside from Yi's (wrecked shit yesterday, but I don't think he fits. I think the Knicks need a genuine big man), Howard's (doesn't fit either) and Martin's (fugazi), and I'd also be interested in Craig Brackins (24, stretch four, and I like saying his last name), and Eduardo Najera (I know how the Knicks love old folks) and Vernon Goodridge (who worked out for New York earlier this week) as somewhat realistic alternatives.


4. Meanwhile..."Artie", eh? I prefer "Artsy" Parakhouski, perhaps because Artie was the name of the creepy, mythical night watchman at my summer camp, but I think Hahn's on the right track.

5.. I guess it's worth noting that Marc J. Spears mentioned Howard as being interested in New York yesterday. He's flirted with the Knicks in years past-- Carmelo Anthony's a fan?-- but that feels like the Grant Hill "name drop New York to manufacture leverage with other teams" tactic. We'll see, but I don't think Josh Howard's gonna take a minimum contract to fight for a spot in the New York rotation.

6. As Hahn notes, New York doesn't have to sign up a fifteenth guy immediately. They can stock the BayHawks with promising bros, then leave that last spot open for whoever percolates in Erie, or some other free agent.

Mmhmm. Let us know what you think, and feel free to leave Olympic comments if you're watching. <3

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