The Knicks are meeting with Marcus Camby today.

Apr 02, 2012; Chicago, IL, USA; Houston Rockets center Marcus Camby (29) grabs a rebound over the Chicago Bulls at the United Center. Mandatory Credit: Mike DiNovo-US PRESSWIRE

Hello there. I hope you're having a pleasant day. While you do whatever it is you do on Sunday-- nuzzling hogs and sipping juice out of a tuba, perhaps-- the Knicks will be in Houston to meet with Marcus Camby. According to Marc Berman, New York will send Glen Grunwald, Mike Woodson, and assistant GM/former Camby teammate/namesake of the city Allan Houston to court the 38 year-old center. (I guess the Rockets aren't willing to negotiate on the Knicks' behalf this time? That was a one-time favor, eh? Kinda lame, Rockets). Note that the Knicks have taken precedence over the Heat, who were originally expected to get the first meeting. TAKE THAT, MIAMI! WHO'S THE CHAMP NOW?

As we've discussed previously, the Knicks are determining which of the old people can be acquired via sign-and-trade and which will be paid with the mini-MLE money. Jason Kidd, of course, has already agreed to join the team, so it seems like he'll just take whatever's left when and if Camby is acquired.

Berman reminds us of what the Knicks have to offer in a sign-and-trade:

The Knicks’ chief asset to build contract money is Dan Gadzuric’s $1.4 million veteran minimum deal. Toney Douglas’ $2 million expiring contract is another asset The partially guaranteed final-year deals of centers Josh Harrellson and Jerome Jordan are also assets, as are second-round picks.

The Knicks also have an aggregate $3 million in cash to throw into a deal. On July 1, their ability to add money to a trade package was restored. Teams are only allowed to put a total of $3 million into a deal in a season.

(The Knicks Wall has a little more on sign-and-trade possibilities, if you're curious).

We're also reminded that trading Douglas and/or Jorts and/or Jordan would deplete New York's Summer League team, which might be why we haven't gotten the official roster for that yet.

Meanwhile, throwing that $3 million into any deal would hinder New York's ability to buy a late first-rounder in the 2013 Draft, just like the $3 million in the Tyson Chandler trade did this time around. The Knicks actually have their own pick next year, but it's still something for them to consider while negotiating with Camby and the Rockets.

For what it's worth, both Carmelo Anthony-- another former teammate of Camby's who might participate in the "recruiting" process-- and Chandler (quoted in that Berman article, which has semi-updates on J.R. Smith and Pablo Prigioni as well) sound excited about the prospect of Camby in New York.

Cool. I love Marcus Camby and would be delighted to have him back as a Chandler's understudy (and already own his Knicks jersey, which is convenient). One does worry about the back issues that bothered him last season, but a reserve role and the presence of Jared Jeffries and/or Jorts and/or Jordan could obviate that concern. We'll see!

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