What I'd do if I was GG...

Made a few crazy trade idea posts earlier but those were crazy. Going to take a look at the Knicks current roster, the rumors, and see what we can do.

Going to assume a few things just for the sake of this post.

1) We resign JR Smith

2) We resign Novak

3) We resign Jeffries

Players I'd like to deal simply because I don't think they can help us at all: Jerome Jordan, Dan Gadzuric, Toney Douglas

With that in mind, here's the squad as it stands

Point Guard: Lin, Kidd

Shooting Guard: JR, Shumpert

Small Forward: Anthony, Novak, James White

Power Forward: Stoudemire, Jeffries Harrelson

Center: Chandler

Here's what we have to play with:

1) Sign/Trade with JJ, TD, and Gadz.

2) MLE

First move: Sign/Trade TD to Houston for Camby. This gives Marcus a deal worth approx. 3 mil.

Second Move: Sign/Trade Gadz to Philadelphia for Jodie Meeks. This gives Meeks a deal worth appox. 2 mil.

Third Move: Sign/Trade JJ to Atlanta for Tracy Mcgrady. This gives T-Mac a deal worth appox. 1.1 mil

Fourth Move: Sign Anthony Carter to the vet minimum

1st: Camby is awesome. Defense and Rebounds machine. No need to explain.

2nd: Jodie Meeks fits the offense as well as anyone you will find. Averages 38% from 3point. Plays very good Defense (97 defensive rating last year!) Spot up shooter who would work wonders with Kidd or kick outs from Melo/Stat in the post.

3rd: At low cost, T-Mac is essentially for when Melo is on the bench. It's a cheap scoring option. He's 6-7, plays good defense. Can flex between the Guard/Forward slot, and shoots very efficiently from the field. I'll take him over Rashard Lewis.

4th: Carter just plays awesome D, even at his age. He's a 3rd point guard. He can't score, but then again, neither could Bibby. At least Carter can defend whereas Bibby could not.

If you split it into 2 squads:


PG: Lin

SG: Smith

SF: Anthony

PF: Stoudemire

C: Chandler


PG: Kidd

SG: Meeks

SF: Mcgrady

PF: Jeffries

C: Camby

with Carter, Jorts and White cleaning up the rest. That's pretty solid if you ask me.

Overall Depth:

PG: Lin, Kidd, Carter

SG: Smith, Meeks, T-Mac, Shumpert

SF: Anthony, Novak, White

PF: Stoudemire, Jeffries, Harrelson

C: Chandler, Camby

I don't have the greatest grasp on how NBA free agency payroll works so let me know if I screw anything up.

Overall: I don't like Foye or Mayo in practicality, especially with the possibility of Shump coming back. Our needs are should be addressed with efficiently shooting players that play good defense. I think my plan does that at a good cost. Is it likely? No. But I'd do it this way.

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