Knicks Alternate Uniforms - UPDATE

We've all seen the leaks of the Knicks new uniforms.... and, assuming they're true, I've taken the liberty of creating some possible special alternate jersies for occasional use during the season.

Now, I actually do have some photoshop skills, but as I'm on my lunch break at work and don't actually have photoshop on this computer, I used paint, which is just about the shittiest program ever.... on the other hand, it's kind of awesome in it's retro-crudeness. I submit to you:

1. The Pristine Angel Of The Garden - good for avoiding fouls.


2. The Creamsicle - Nice for those tasty iso-melo fadeaways (meltaways?)


3. The Trolley Dodger - good when playing the Nets, this Brooklyn Dodger-esque ensemble establishes credibility in the ol' county of Kings where Spike Lee grew up.


4. Reverso the Malfactoral - This color scheme is kind of incredibly annoying, but maybe opponents will think the same thing and leave the court halfway through the 4th quarter, allowing the Knicks to make up that 20 point deficit.


5. Juice Kniwton - Man, can you just taste the citrus?


6. The Gritmeister - Modeled after the fine dust that covers the sidewalk at the corner of 31st street and 8th avenue, this one's a tribute to all those Knick fans who have lived and breathed the Knicks... and New York City air.. for all their lives.


7. The Emperor Komen - We all know breast cancer sucks, but everything getting colored pink doesn't really stop those pesky cancer cells from growing. We all know this is coming, so let's just get it over with.


8. The None More Black - To those that wonder, about the Knicks new uniforms, "Where did the black go?". Well, it went here.


And, finally, my personal favorite - the Ewing Sweat. The exact color of a 1990's knick jersey infused with a game average 12 gallons of sweat from our former franchise center.




For those Christmas games in which the Knicks give a gift to their beleagured fans, The St. Knick

Unfortunately, I don't seem to be able to attach a poll. But sound off, people!

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