Hypothetical Olympic Hard Foul

While we all watch as Team USA Basketball cruises to the gold medal in London I thought I would share a little debate a friend and I had while watching Argentina try to "muck it up" as an imaginary old person would least until they had a guy hit our own Carmelo in the groin, then they'd say, "REF THAT WAS ALL BALLS". If you didn't see the video and want to laugh want to judge for yourself

The video clearly shows a hit below the belt worthy of a Ric Flair WWE match.The question became if USA were so inclined who would be sent out to return a hard (but above the belt) foul. Said person may be sent home from the games so keep that in mind. Here's how it broke down.

No way, too important:

Kobe Bryant: Of course he did previously elbow one of the Lithuanians (correct me if I am wrong) in the throat so he probably orders the return foul

Lebron James: Too much a a nice guy anyways

Kevin Durant: Can't risk not having him for the rest of the games

Carmelo Anthony: Same as Durant, one of the few shooters from distance that is hitting, and fewer post players on the roster

Tyson Chandler: Hard enough to keep him on the floor with only 5 fouls and need his size

Chris Paul: Best pg on the team, can't lose him.

Unlikely Candidates

Darren Williams: I've never even seen this guy get angry before so doubt he would be willing

Anthony Davis: No one could take him seriously with that eyebrow, plus he's the starting Center on the next Olympic team

Andre Iguodala: He is playing very well and can sometimes get a little bit heated on the court sometimes but would rather have him for his versatility and defense so no.

Ready and Willing

Kevin Love: Does have a history of stepping on Scola's face in the more docile NBA so prime candidate for hard foul, it would be a big risk losing his very positive play and size.

Russell Westbrook: A mini-Derek Rose who for better or worse plays the game with reckless abandon earning him the nickname "YOLO". Seriously who gets a tech in Olympic basketball? For my imaginary money I'd say he's the guy.

He's on the team?

James Harden: Sure he was embarrassed by Miami and Nigeria (I think Melo is still scoring on them) but we're going to keep hope alive for him

Thoughts? Yes, it's bush league or whatever but the thought has to cross someones mind on the team. Louis Scola was even trying to talk tough to Coach K, or vice versa. This was as chippy an Olympic game I've seen. Of course don't want to see anyone hurt anyone else etc.

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