The New Kids: Bellfield, Thompson, Sims took Win Score out of their Advanced Metrics. I'm glad I wrote my own spreadsheet logic to pump out college data. Grrr.

So here it is. I'm not gonna show the entire graph because frankly, these guys arent worth the work.


Oscar Bellield, 4 years of college experience, was a point guard of UNLV. I'm gonna use a bit of Ed Weiland's philosophy in gauging point guards. For guards, he focuses on 3 stats: fg%, free throws steals and assists. The philosophy is to gauge whether or not a point guard can do the basic things, get fouled, assist, and score around the basket.

He has 220% more Assists than his peers but has 9% more turnovers. A+

His fg% is 20% BELOW average. His shooting tendencies are 3pters even though he only has an average long range ability.

As a result of jacking up 3s, he doesn't get to the free throw line, and when he does he's average at making them in.

As for defense, he's also average.

Add the fact that he can't rebound and that most of his stats are under par, he's roughly 50% below the Win Score of an Average NCAA Point Guard.


Mychel Thompson is a NBA player in his junior year. He's a shooting guard/small forward type. But if you look at his NCAA numbers, he is 10-20% below average in everything. His one stat that overachieves is his above average blocking% (60% more). Which isn't even what we're looking for. He had a pretty good D-league but still nothing to write home about. I'm pulling for him but I have no idea why he was even invited to camp. Is he repped by CAA as well?

Guy played 5 minutes for the Cavaliers before they yanked him. I want to see him get some minutes. But not NY knick minutes.


Henry Sims

As a center, you want him to block and rebound. Everything else is gravy.

Blocking is 75% less than his peers. He does have 50% less rebounds. and 50% less turnovers.

Rebounds. That's the key for this guy. 70% less OREBs, 60% less DREBs. Remember that this guy is 7 foot tall. On average he gets 75% less total rebounds than his peers. Rebounds are one of the few things the NCAA to NBA transition doesn't mess up.

He can't score, he can't rebound, and he can't defend.

This is another 50% Below Average Player on the list.


These guys are not the type of people Grunwald usually brings to camp. If I didn't know any better, I'd think Grunwald was tanking the competition so that Shurna and Smith gets the last two spots.

Shurna is a 6-8 PRAWS40, plays the 4 and 3

Copeland is a 6-8 PRAWS40, plays the 4 and 3

Both have very good 3pt ability. Not much anything else though.

Chris Smith is a 7 to 7.5 PRAWS40, plays the 1 and the 2.


Gentlemen this is how you rig the game.

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