Highlights from the O2

So I thought I'd do a warm-up post on the highlights for me from last night, in anticipation of UKknick's recap, which will be awesome no doubt as it will have photos and Spike Lee and Baron Davis in it!

First off big props to UKKnick for sorting everything out, Younghollywood5 and his friend who came over from Italy for the game, Bertilad and his wife. It was great to meet you guys. I was the last one to make the meet-up but it was a lot of fun.

So we had some drinks and talked Knicks before heading over to the Slug and Lettuce to find Spike and Baron. As we went in to the O2 through the door there were a bunch of people lined up either side as if we were running out of the tunnel into the court. They must have known we were representing P&T cause in we ran highfiving all the way to cheers from the assembled crowd!

We got to the pub but at this point the group separated. UKKnick and Younghollywood5 had the right idea, staying about to meet Spike and Baron, but I made a strategic error and wondered in to the arena.

That said as I wondered into my seat I bumped into Glen Grunwald, which was pretty cool. Had a nice chat with him, he seemed remarkably friendly and quite pleased to be recognised!

Observations from the game - I was sat quite close behind the Pistons bench and for a little guy Lawrence Frank has a big head which attempted to block several peoples view, not helped by his constant wondering around.

The best thing about the Pistons were their "Flight Patrol" who did some pretty crazy dunking off trampolines and their cheerleaders, who were quite amazingly fine. Other than that I can see Drummond-Monroe being pretty good in years to come.

But the main event, the reshumpification, was awesome. Proudly decked out in my Shumpert jersey I got some very odd looks from some of the more casual fans near me by cheering very very loudly when he was introduced and generally whenever he did anything and yelling "shump ain't touch you" at the top of my voice when he was called for a foul early on. Some of my neighbours may have mistaken me for some sort of shumpstalker but whateves. Needless to say he was amazing. Come to think of it, it could be possible I am a shumpstalker. I guess accepting it is the first step on the road to recovery.

There were plenty of other great moments but my favourite was the booing reserved for two occasions - the foul on Tyson and Ashley Cole, who really got slammed. Fantastic.

All in all, it was an amazing experience, completely different from previous games I've been to, the highlight of which was the P&T meetup beforehand. Now I wait in anticipation for UKKnick's fanpost detailing the Spike/Baron encounter!

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