LBJ vs. MJ: the better question

Hey guys, I've visited PnT just about everyday now for the better part of 4 years, but don't comment too much ( not because I don't like you guys, but because I don't have much to add).

However, the past few months of the off-season, non-stop, media banter of MJ v LBJ has kind of driven me nuts. I, actually, love comparing greats to former greats. But, honestly, everybody knows that no answer can ever be agreed upon unanimously, so I decided to come up with a better question.

Not: "who are the top ten players in the league ever" or some variant, but: if there was a draft right now with every player coming out of high school/ college there ever was. (Knowing what their careers turned out to be) Who would the 5-10 be?

1. Magic Johnson:

The first pick, to me, is a no brainer. The dude was/is a freak. A 6' 9 point guard that can guard every position that contribute the first minute he got on the court, count me in. Being only 21, I never saw Magic play live, but watching the replays of some of his finals games are magical (hehe). That game six where he started at the 5 and posted 42 points might be the most impressive game ever.

2. David Robinson

Robinson should be in the MJ-LBJ-Magic discussion. Most people put Shaq, Hakeem and Kareem in front of him in just the top centers of all time. But in my opinion they are flat wrong. Yes, my David lacked the proverbial fire needed to win a championship without Duncan, but Robinson dominated on both sides of the ball. While he lacked the bravado and swagger of other stars, he was a great leader, and relished the role of mentor. If I had the second pick of this crazy made up draft, I'd build my team around Robinson.

3. Lebron James

Yup. Has there ever been a more complete player? Has there ever been a player (other than Melo in denver in the same year ;] ) that turned a team around in his first year as Lebron did?

I really don't feel like I have to say more. If you disagree here you are just a Lebron hater.

4. M. Jordan

I really did not want to even put Jordan this high. But I had too. The 2 guard has had so many dominate players in the past 10-25 years that taking MJ doesn't give you that much of an edge. What I mean is the difference between Magic and the next great PG is HUGGGEE. The separation between MJ and the multitude of other great 2 guards is not that wide.

However, dude was a winner. Is a winner. He would probably win 50 games with my high schools girl team playing beside him.

5. Ok I'm taking the easy rout here. I had a list of 5 move guys that I have no idea what order to put them in:

Here is my best guess at the order:

5. Duncan

6. Hakeem

7. Kobe

8. Shaq

9. Kareem

10. Bird, Malone, Nash.....

Anyways, that is what I decided to do instead of applying jobs as I should be doing.

What do you guys think?

What are your Draft top 10

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