Orange & Blue Scrimmage Report (with pictures!)

Last night I went to a bachelorette party for one of my good friends. The evening ended in triumph, with the whole group dancing to The Fox at some place that really could have used some open windows. Unfortunately the evening also ended with SoCo & lime shots.

Five hours later I woke up to head up to Columbia University for the Knick's annual Orange and Blue Open Scrimmage. I had no idea this existed, but they've implied it's an annual thing. I won the tickets on Twitter, which I totally recommend because it was free.

When we got to the Arena things were already loud and somewhat frantic. We were given free little orange towels ("Orange & Blue Scrimmage ...Presented by Chase") and made our way to our seats, which were in the 4th row. Right in front of at the table were Larry Johnson, John Starks and Allen Houston, just chillin' and laughing with Herb Williams (LJ is to the left of Starks, you can't see him).


After some t-shirt canon-ing they introduced the team and Iman said hi to everyone

and then they all did some stretching.


Then they played a very short scrimmage. Amar'e watched.


Pablo hurt his ankle and left the scrimmage but stayed on the bench and walked off at the end. Scary.

Then it ended and we left by the restrooms to the left of the gym. There was a blue curtained-off area right outside the gym that they herded the team into. We could see them sitting around behind tables inside like they were going to take a class.

Some observations:

JR was running with the team and doing all the warm-ups and drills, he just didn't participate in the scrimmage. His shot looked a tiny bit off but he looked good! He hung out with Shump on the bench.

Amar'e warmed up and stretched but didn't play at all. He was introduced last to huge applause, and spent a bunch of time smiling and talking to fans and shaking hands. Some Knicks handlers actually stopped him from signing a couple if things. "I don't want to be the bad guy," a bad (lady) guy said as she pushed an autograph paper out of STAT's hand.

Chris Smith did a couple of basketball things that were positive. The announcer called him "Little Smith."

The venue was very small and the team/Starks/LJ etc. seemed very approachable. On another day I would have been all about saying hi or doing something fan-ish, but on this day all I could think about was going home and going back to sleep.

So there's your hung over report from the Orange & Blue Scrimmage!

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