Blowing up the team. (Melo to houston for Asik, Lin and picks)

What should the Knicks do?

Sadly the Knicks peaked last year. Melo played well (on one side of the ball at least), JR had a few months of top notch production, and small ball propelled a pretty lethal offense. The upside for this year was dependent on productive minutes from Amare, and semi productive minutes from Barnagni, improved health from Tyson, and a strong 3rd year leap by Iman. Well… Maybe Iman will get better? Otherwise I think we can close the book on those hopes.

Well maybe we can improve through the draft? Each year a team gets 1 first, and 1 second round pick. Knicks draft picks:

2014: If Celtics draft pick is #56-60 Knicks get that pick. It won’t be, so the Knicks will have no picks.

2015: Knicks actually own their first round pick and can’t trade it because you can’t trade 1st round picks in consecutive years. Knicks traded the 2nd round pick.

2016: Both traded, so the Knicks will have no picks.

2017: Knicks own the first round pick, and of course they traded the second.

To recap, Knicks will have two draft picks over the next 4 years. (almost as depressing as Amare’s play and contract.)

While I know Dolan will never think long term, or medium term, or think. The best idea is to BLOW UP THE TEAM NOW.

We have a few players who would bring back a draft pick or two.

First on the block? CARMELO ANTHONYYYY. A great one way player, who is not worth a max contract. Somebody must be willing to pay a draft pick to rent Carmelo and be the lead horse in the resigning him to an overpriced contract sweepstakes. Sadly the Lakers have no picks to trade. Maybe Houston? Taking back Asik and Lin? (Houston has a ridiculous amount of draft picks. 2014, 1 first 1 second, and 2015 1 first, 5 seconds) Pretty good big three for Houston. The Knicks should be able to get one first rounder and a couple second rounders, and we have Linsanity back (as a season ticket holder, that’s a good draw).

Next up? Tyson Chandler. A great player, leader and all around awesome guy. He’s not in the 4 year plan so… I’m thinking Dallas would be a good home for our man Chandler. They can give us Marion and pick(s). (We will then buy out Marion)

NEXT! Who is JR? Given you wait till he goes on a spurt, but his 2 year plus option mid level contract isn’t so shabby. And the Knicks need to wait until Jan 2014 to trade him anyway. He’s a strong scorer from the bench, some team would swallow a JR. Right now I’m thinking Detroit? But I bet there are a few takers.

Maybes? Raymond Felton, a not bad contract for a sold back-up point guard. Never mind we might be stuck with Ray. Bargnani, the Italian matador is here to stay. Amare, sad face.

So where does that leave us? The new starting 5: At center Omar Asik, PF Bargnani?, SF Shumpert, Gs Prigs and Felton. With Lin, World Peace, Beno, Hardaway, Aldrich coming off the bench.

I know none of this will ever happen because we have a bipolar owner who is off medication, but a fan can dream.

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