Them Knicks Be Thinkin'

Just shy of ten games into the season, the Knicks are the talk of the NBA town. Despite the incredible early efforts from "tanking" teams like the Sixers and Suns. In the face of the San Antonio Spurs' perpetual wrecking ball of a team. With little to no regard for the likes of Miami, Golden State... and, frankly, the best team in the league at the moment, Indiana.

Ok, thats plenty enough pretending to journalism you. I didn't drop out of college for nothin.

We are the New York Knicks and we need to buy magnums for the tiny pee-pees we bust. Our clothes are ugly. Our minds is slanted. Our game is busted. Its the two point guard lineup. Its that we don't use the two point guard lineup. Its the lack of shooters. Its that blasted D'antoni switch-everything defense that we still employ. Its the fact checkers. Its the PR department. Its the Borinquen department. Its the Cloisters. Funny foibles. Baubling and dawdling. Melo at the three point line. Melo in the post. Mellow rotations. Mellow on ball defenders.



thats a mellow hedge, ya dirtbomb. More corner threes, less wings. More space, more bigs. 4 guys at the top of the key. Stats. Turnovers. Trade Shumpert for shit on a buck. More long term contracts. less draft picks. remove patience from the equation. increase ticket costs. I don't go to the fuckin games. are you kidding me? i have rent to pay and no reliable income. i play pick up ball two or three times a week. what matters. i live week to week. i have a iphone. i live beyond my means. i can't afford to like the knicks, they don't even have cheapseats, and they do not engage me at any turn. and they're turning this car around. i dont have a car. i'm 30-something years old. 20 something girls think i'm creeping on 'em nowawdays. the wind is in the breeze, and i'm tumblin away in this rye.

nah man, lou reed died. i dont got time for this shit. i'm goin to the met, i'm payin them a couple bucks, and fuck em. whatevers in my pocket. i'm not the one that can afford to put together a balthus exhibit. judge me all you want, just let me creep on these paintings. thats a nipple. if i get closer to the wall i think i can see some butt. eyeball reach arounds.

i'm gonna read a book. a junkie swings. decadence. its noon, gots to get to pickling. i'm gonna move to the edge of the sidewalk and grind my gears cus these people cant be bothered. shoulder to shoulder to shoulder. my blood pressure is buildin. i like basketball and thats the only sport that exists in my system. fuck a team that doesn't, until they do. dolandevil. the tunnel at the end of the light. we are the new york knicks. we can't be stopped, because we can't be bothered.

play this and just get the fuck outta here

don't even do anything, fucker. lessen you care about the right things. fuck this right now.


say hello to your daddy. he's 56, not even about to keel over.

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