Tantalize and Fantasize - THE Premier FBB League...... In the ENTIRE UNIVERSE!!! – Week 3 recap

And then there were 5! Undefeated teams left, that is.. Another week of seesaw battles, blowouts and timely scoring saw some teams continue to struggle, some smartly manipulate the waiver wire and score some prizes, and others already giving up on their seasons and leaving their roster on auto pilot. For many of us, the fantasy team has been some sort of release from the real life day to day struggles of our beloved Knicks. Here in fantasy land, not only can that Shump/Stat/Felton for Rondo/Wallace/bag of olives happen here, it might put you in the win column – without giving up draft picks!

And so begins this week’s episode of As the Ball Bounces..



Team Seth can’t fake the Funk A3oqovky_medium

This week started out a little different as LiLPennyJr’s Funk decided to try its hand at scoring, while Team Seth’s owner announced he was putting the team on the blocks. Unfortunately, Team Seth didn’t get a good marketing present, as the Funk led most of the way, and was never really challenged winning 741.50- 536.50. Funk survived another ankle sprain by Deron Williams, but got more than enough support from DeMar DeRozen (117pts) Andre Iguodala, and another solid week by Andrea Bargnani to get the win and move to 3-0. Team Seth struggled to get scoring going, relying on another strong series by Lebron James and Josh Smith, but no other support. The undefeated Funk takes their show to Q-Boro to take on the HiRisers, while Team Seth, possibly under new management, looks to keep the man down, as they take on Raise up for Pablo

Fibula Recovery Team finally recovers, gets no love from the Childs

Fibula Recovery Team finally got off the snide behind Carmelo Anthony’s 114 pts and balanced scoring throughout the rest of his lineup turned back Chris’s love Childs 643.75 – 512.50. The Childs got a monster series by Paul George and Michael Carter-Williams last week, and could have used them again this week, but didn’t see a scorer over Zach Randolph (87). Chris’s love Childs drop to 1-2, and with several injured players on the bench take on Metta World Wonders, who are hoping to get off the 0’fer. Meanwhile Fibula Recovery Team hopes to build off last weeks momentum as they take on cellar dweller Wwert 2013.

The Pipe gets GAx’ed Wwtx4l4y_medium

GAxamaphooone, playing in some sort of weird alternate universe in which JR Smith prevented pipe from being laid, overcame a huge series from Ty Lawson (141pts) to take down Pipe Dreamin' 782.25 to 608.50 . GAx had very balanced scoring thoughout the lineup, led by Spencer Hawes, who had a big time 188.75 pts. Pipe Dreamin’ battled despite still being depleted, and can take solace in the fact they will be getting Rajon Rondo and Danilo Gallinari back soon. GAxamaphoone takes their 3-0 record out for a stroll next week, taking on Chico, while it only gets harder for Pipe Dreamin’ as they take on The Big Zeppole, who is looking to get some payback after last weeks slugfest.

Gunning down the Zeppole K6q8wv1y_medium

Taking a page out of a full court, no huddle, run and gunathon from the top rope in a say uncle match to the death, Gunsbound and The Big Zeppole took the court and it was exactly as advertised, as both teams put up enough points to beat 18 other teams this week – unfortunately for the Big One, Gunsbound had enough points to beat 19 teams, knocking out The Big Zeppole 999.50 to 844.25. Gunsbound, led by Jordan Hill (141.75pts), Kevin Love (166.50pts), Blake Griffin (117pts) and Jeremy Lin (137.50pts) could have sat the rest of his team, and would have beat 7 teams this week – that’s some scoring! The Big Zeppole was no slouth themselves, with 5 guys breaking 100 pts, again led by Anthony Davis with 144.50pts. It gets a little easier for team Zeppole, as they look to avoid the pipe and losing 2 in a row, taking on Pipe Dreamin’, while Gunsbound tries to avoid the next game letdown as they take on Wookie of the Year.

Shumped again..

In a low scoring close matchup, Keyser Shump rode the hot hand of Nikola Pekovic (113pts) and Al Horford (104pts) as they outlasted Wwest2013 534.75-504. Keyser got lucky with some roster moves, and probably didn’t make any anyway as there was no bench scoring to speak of. Wwert just can’t catch a break, as Andre Drummond had a huge series with 154.25 pts, but no one else really stepped up. Next week we’ll have our first Shump-off, as Keyser Shump travels to 21 Shump Street to take on, coincidentally, 21 Shump Street.

A Q-Boro Ethering Ophah1ny_medium

ou-Got-Ethered did it again - last week they got Derrick Rose back, this week got a big series from Nikola Vucevic, as they do some Ethering two weeks in a row, this time taking down Q-Boro HiRisers 574-478.50 in another close, low scoring matchup. Q-Boro rode Roy Hibbert to the tune of 95.75 points, but he was the only Hi-Riser, as the rest of the team didn't show up. Ether got balanced scoring, and played well enough to win. Life doesn't get easier for the HiRisers as they try to kick it old school with LilPennyJr's Funk, while You-Got hopes to continue their Ethered ways as they take on GBaked Gballars.

What does the Wookie Say? Win, Win ,Win ,Win , Win, WIN! Zgtxbb1y_medium

Riding some balanced scoring effort, and getting some well deserved luck, Wookie of the Year played hard to get, downing Hammer and the Bell, 681-585.75 for their first win of the young season. Wookie rode the Pau Gastol train to the tune of 118.25 pts, while Dwight Howard paced the scoring this week, notching 167.25 pts. Hammer got a disappointing series from Eric Bledsoe, and was led by DeAndre Jordan's 92.50 pts. It doesn't get easier for either team, as they challenge a pair of 3-0 squads, as Wookie of the Year jumps into the line of fire taking on Gunsbound, while Hammer and the Bell regroups to try and knock off Stingy's Scimitar.

Stingy says no to Pablo Iqzgo7dy_medium

Keeping pace with the undefeated 5, Stingy's Scimitar decided to hold down the man, outlasting Raise up for Pablo 803.25 - 757.50 in a surprisingly close match. Pablo got tremendous guard play behind Chris Paul (118.25pts) and Rudy Gay "chipped" in 142.50 to make up for the lack of Kevin Garnett scoring. Stingy had very balanced scoring behind James Harden's 111.25 pts, and then proceeded to win the Lou Williams sweepstakes on the waiver wire to help bolster his bench - as if he needed help. Pablo hopes to Raise up this week as they look to take out Team Seth, while Stingy plans on showing Hammer and the Bell his Scimitar in an inter conference match up.

Metta Wonders why the gballars are so mean Oc0d4xjy_medium

Another week another win, as Gbaked gballars used a strong series by Jeff Teague (123.25) and the return of Wilson Chandler (72.50) to turn away Metta World Wonders 685.25 to 649.50 in a nail biter. The Wonders have got to be wondering what they need to do to get a win, getting 99.75 pts from Ricky Rubio, and balanced scoring elsewhere. Gbaked, winning the second prize on the waiver wire this week in the form of Trevor Ariza (52.25 pts) had balanced scoring throughout his lineup. Next week Metta World Wonders hope to get some love from Chris's love Childs, while Gballars hope to avoid the letdown, as they take on You-Got-Ethered

Chico does the Shump on Shump Street M1dxlrmy_medium

Team Chico got the upper hand in this low scoring battle, riding 3 players and being the last man standing, downing 21 Shump Street 528.25 to 447.50. Shump Street just can't get a break, although Kyrie Irving (102.25) proves he can. This proved to be mainly a 3vs3 match, as the scoring seemed regulated to 3 players a side, with Amir Johnson (?) making the difference. 21 Shump Street goes off to prove they are the Shumpiest Shump of all, as they take on Keyser Shump, in a shump off to end all shump offs. Meanwhile, Chico tries to knock off one of the undefeateds as they take on GAxamaphooone.



I was hoping some crack Bluecheese-esque statistical anomalies would suddenly appear here, like all the undefeated teams came from the top of the draft (nope, spots #3, #5, #6, #17, #20) or perhaps if I divided those total spots (51) by the number of winless teams (4) it would equal my shoe size (nope again 12 3/4 vs 11 1/2) so I've given up on trying to make sense of it all. On to next week....



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