Wizards 98 - Knicks 89: Did Martell Webster just hit 19 from the land o'plenty?

I'm not going to pretend to do a Seth impression here, but I went to last night's game at the Verizon Center, and I thought I'd present some of my notes for you guys. Like my friend Jackie said, it felt like Martell Webster hit about 19 three-pointers in the fourth quarter alone, and each of them was answered by a Carmelo Anthony or JR Smith brick.

I'm going to be using's gameflow to see if the stats agree with what my eyes saw at the game. (For example, Webster only hit two three-pointers in the fourth quarter. Seemed like more.) I haven't been to very many games in my life, so I'm sure what I saw at the game is very different from what I would have seen watching on TV. My notes:

- The staff at the Verizon Center are lovely, wonderful people, who were smiling and even apologetic when they did things that they had to do, but were really stupid. Like how at one entrance where there was a line of no less than 100 people being individually wanded by one security guard. I missed tipoff because of that shit, even though I got to the stadium a half hour early. And there was a creepy photographer at the tunnel to my section who tried to take about 17 photos of me and my friend, but said his camera wasn't working. That was weird.

- I've seen Carmelo Anthony's turnaround post fadeaway maybe a thousand times in the years he's been with the team, but HOLY SHIT is that shot smooth and beautiful in person.

- The concession stand near my section is called "Sausage and Brews" I appreciated this for its simplicity, but they also served pretzels and soda. I feel like they could be more specific.

- Andrea Bargnani NEVER knows when it's his responsibility to inbound the ball. After every timeout when he was on the floor, the ref would be standing at the sideline with the ball, and someone (most of the time Beno or JR Smith), would have to say, "HEY!" and then he'd look over and doofily walk to the sideline to inbound the ball.

- The Verizon Center PA guy either had a stroke every time an And-1 happened (which was a lot), or he just found out about the rule yesterday. Every time a Wizards player had an And-1 situation (which was a lot!), he'd say "JOHN WALL!!!!!! TO THE LINE!!!! Shooting (no exaggeration, three second pause) One?"

- The Wizards have a promotion where if an opposing player misses two consecutive free throws, everyone gets a free Chik-Fil-A sandwich. I have no shame in saying that when JR Smith bricked those two free throws in the fourth, I - along with the rest of the Knicks fans in attendance - cheered happily. I tried to start a CHIK! FIL! A! chant in my section, but nobody cheered along with me.

- PopcornMachine tells me that awful Shumpert/JR/Carmelo/Kenyon/Bargnani lineup only played 2:30 and had a +/- of 0. I felt like that lineup played most of the 4th and had a +/- of -17.

- Hi Clyde!


via Uhh, me?

- I didn't take a picture of it, but press row was behind the basket on which the Knicks shot during the second half. That's weird. They normally sit at half-court.

- Also, and I didn't get a picture because that Clyde photo above was the last thing my phone did before the battery died, one of the Wizards beat writers did nothing but stare at Facebook and Twitter all night. I swear, he didn't look at the game one time.

- Every time down the court, Bradley Beal was looking up and to his left, I had no idea what he was looking at until I followed his gaze: There is a screen that shows the number of points and fouls each player on the floor has. I think he was checking his own totals. I feel like that's bad form. You can ask a staffer the next time you're at the bench, Brad, or at least wait until Kenyon Martin committed another foul and stopped play. Sheesh.

- I know we bitch and moan about the switches all the time, so it's not really news, but in person, watching Beno Udrih try to guard Marcin Gortat in the post is just funny. Like, I wanted to groan and complain about the switching, but I also wanted to see more of it because it made me guffaw every time. I feel like someone should tell Mike Woodson that it's really not a very good strategy.

- The Wizards PA guy pronounced it - BAY-no oo-DREEE. Is that right? I'm pretty sure that's nowhere near correct.

- In attendance, it was at least half Knicks fans. Which made the cheering for JR's second missed free throw all the funnier.

And that's about it. I'm sure Seth will have a real recap up later today. It really didn't feel like the Knicks played an awful game, they just didn't play defense, and didn't play enough great offense to overcome the fact that they didn't play defense.

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