Injury Report: Tyson Chandler

So finals week looms ahead....I figured the best way to procrastinate is write something related to the material I might be tested on in the coming weeks. SO without further delay here is my write-up on the injury of our beloved former DPOY.

Tyson Chandler- Injury: Non-displaced fracture of the right fibula


Yikes... ok so breaking it down simple anatomy. The Fibula along with the Tibia are two very important long bones in the body predominantly involving supporting weight-bearing loads. A majority of the load is carried by the Tibia and a smaller percentage by the Fibula. Interesting point is that the along the neck of the Fibula, there runs a nerve called the Common Peroneal Nerve, it runs subcutaneously(quite close to the skin). Meaning it's a common site of injury to direct blows and traction injures. (Disregard this, thankfully the injury didn't involve any nerve damage)

How it happened: Fuck Kemba Walker......

Injury/Prognosis: So now, Non-displaced fracture of the right fibula

Ok, this is a good thing. I mean, not really a good thing given the state of our current squad, but if Tyson had to pick one type of injury to his freakishly long bones This would be the one he would pick. Non-displaced is the KEY term, because it basically illustrates that, there was no obvious break of bone or any missing pieces. Given this, it becomes easier for the body heal because it's just a matter of filling in the small fracture, strengthening it, while not having to lay down or form more bone.

Recovery: 4-6 weeks

None of this is 100% without seeing the X-Rays. However, in the reports that are floating around it was repeatedly stated that, Tyson suffered no nerve damage and was not considered for surgery. With that, the recovery time is accurate, it's also relatively shorter than most other injuries that occur in that area. It was probably immobilized in a soft cast/boot for the first few weeks, and then taken off. The bone would most likely be reformed/healed after 3-4 weeks, and would strengthen more in the next 2-3 weeks. Given that I witnessed him biking at the practice facility(gotta love instagram), I would say he hasn't had any setbacks. He is well on his way through recovery.

After returning to the lineup, I don't expect him to lose any of his tenacity, or play any restricted minutes. This isn't and injury involving any joints, ligaments, or nerves. I don't think he will return with a mental issue about trusting his leg. (A good example would be Andre Brown of my beloved New York Giants, who returned to the line-up and had 30 carries his first game)

Risk for reinjury: Given the leg heals properly, and Kemba Walker doesn't come crashing in using "rollout" on Tyson's leg again, I would considerate it "moderate-low risk."

All I can say after this, is I hope Tyson come back at full strength, and destroys everyone's pick n roll game, and blocks a ton of shots, and scores a fuck ton of alley-oops.

Get better Tyson, we need you more than a glue gun needs glue.


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