Injury Report(Non-Knicks): Derrick Rose

Derrick Rose: Torn Meniscus

Disclaimer: I hate the Bulls, whether it be Carlos Boozer's chinstrap, or Joakim Noah looking like he's constipated all the time.

However, I do sympathize with their organization, because at the end of the day this is just a game. Seeing Derrick Rose go down with another knee injury, is something I wouldn't wish on my own worst enemy. (Doesn't help that he was on my fantasy team as was Marc Gasol -_-)

Derrick Rose is considered to be one of the most athletic point guards to play the game. He plays with an aggressive blitzkrieg type style, where he's constantly attacking, penetrating, and devastating. (Hi Clyde!) If we were to compare his playing style to any other player from the past or present, it would most likely link with another FORMER hyper athletic guard who goes by the name of Baron Davis aka B-Dizzle. Coming into the league, Davis would light it up with his supreme speed, crafty passing, and jumping ability. Highlights can be found from his glory days everywhere on the internet.

The reason Davis is worth mentioning, is before his NBA career he suffered an ACL injury at UCLA, and although he recovered from it to almost 100%. As the years went by, the grueling NBA season took a toll on his body. We saw a steady decline in his production, saving a few years in which he absolutely decided to shit on everyone in the western conference playoffs. Of course much of it had to do with age, but there were multiple seasons in which Davis was riddled with injury troubles, and struggled to find himself on the court. Eventually, when Davis suited up for our beloved Knicks, he was a shell of his former high-flying self.

Injury: Meniscus Tear in the Right Leg


Shit. Already taking a season off for his recovery to his previous ACL injury in his left leg. This sucks. I previously posted during JR's injury breakdown, about the meniscus.

"Meniscus: Wedge-shape pieces of cartilage in between the Tibia and Femur at the knee. Its primary function is to serve as shock absorbers during any motor function. They come in pairs, one in the medial aspect of the knee, and one in the lateral aspect."

"Types of Injury: There are a variety of tears that can occur in the Meniscus, and usually are preceded by a "popping sound." The tear can be caused by impact, squatting, and twisting injuries at the knee, which are prevalent in the profession as well. Interestingly enough, most athletes are able to walk and play on this type of injury. You can treat the injury with the Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation (RICE) method. Surgery isn't typically required unless it's chronic or there are concurrent injuries present."(in Rose's case, it was probably a more severe tear)

How it happened: Non-contact injuries make me sick.

Given this, it's crossed my mind (hypothetically) that this could possibly be due to and imbalance in training/recovery. His previous injury was on his left leg, given the natural focus of his rehabilitation would be catered to his injury, the right leg may have been given less attention. If that's the case then the right leg may have been overlooked in certain aspects of training, and just maybe, it may have not been as well equipped to handle stress as it was in the past.


The Meniscus repair, typically uses an arthroscopic procedure which is relatively simple, using small incisions and tools to repair or trim the damage. Apparently the same physician that operated on Rose's ACL, was involved for this procedure as well.


Now this is where everything get's tricky. Injuries to the Meniscus are not usually as severe as other knee injures. Being that none of us have seen any imaging, it's very hard to tell how severe the tear was. By the book, people recover to 100% functionality with this type of injury, and normally they heal fairly quickly. Recovery time is typically dependent on the severity, ranging from 2-6 months.

Reports are saying that it is a season ending fiasco. However, Rose limped off the court on his own at the time of injury, being able to apply a bit of pressure. They still would need to see how well he responds to therapy and how fast his body heals. There is a small chance he may return sooner. If I recall, Russell Westbrook had a similar injury, and ended up coming back fairly quick. He had two procedures performed, one in April and one in the beginning of October. He still made his debut against the Suns at the end of that very same month. Hell, Metta World Peace took only 12 DAYS to recover! (To be fair, at this stage, Metta isn't really concerned with preservation of his career)

This is Derrick Rose's second major injury in the last three years, with the obvious physical affect, there has to be a mental toll being taken on his psyche. Unfortunately, he also may be predisposed to knee-related problems like arthritis in the future. Nonetheless, I wish him a speedy recovery, and hopefully he comes back at full strength. I just hope he never hits any game winners against the Knicks again.

*Conspiracy theorist note: I also feel like players with Adidas shoes are more prone to leg related injuries. Iman Shumpert,Tracy McGrady, Kevin Ware, Danilo Gallinari, Leandro Barbosa, Chauncey Billups, John Wall, Eric Gordon, Tony Allen, Josh Smith, Brook Lopez, are names that popped up in a quick search. I have nothing against the brand, I'm actually an avid soccer player and I own adidas cleats. I just have been thinking there may be a small correlation, something interesting to pursue down the line.

Thanks for reading.


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