Tantalize and Fantasize - THE Premier FBB League...... In the ENTIRE UNIVERSE!!!

Much like in the real game, after an long offseason with plenty of smack talk, strategy sessions, planning and a what seemed like an eternity for the draft, 20 fantasy owners started their journey to the championship this week, when the official Posting and Toasting Fantasy Basketball League got under way with the first week of games.

Like in the real game, right now the bad teams don’t know they are bad yet, the coaches don’t know who they have yet, and the dark horse players are already being gobbled up on the waiver wires after their 30pt outburst. To paraphrase Jim McKay "Spanning the globe to bring you the constant variety of sport... the thrill of victory... and the agony of defeat... the human drama of athletic competition..." This is P&T’s Tantalize and Fantasize!

With competition as fierce as their division names, the first week got underway with plenty of scoring, plenty of surprises and plenty of P&T faithful.

Little Penny don’t want no PipeA3oqovky_medium

Little Penny Jr’s Funk got things underway in a low scoring knock’em out drag ‘em out with Pipe Dreamin’, who just might have the greatest team logo in the history of this young league...........

The Funk entered Sundays games behind by 10, but rode the hot play of Andrea Bargnani (??) and Xavier Henry (????) , and took the lead for good in the 9:30pm games Sunday night for a 480.75 to 467.50 contest. Dreamin' told me after the contest there is NO way the Pipe gets turned back 2 weeks in a row, so we will see.

Child doesn’t take it easy on Wookie of the Year Zgtxbb1y_medium

Failing to follow C3P0’s advise, Chris’s Love Child did not let the Wookie win, instead riding the strong series by Paul George and Chris Bosh to ice the series 655.60 to 526. Wookie of the Year, despite a good series from Dwight Howard and the scoring Gasol brother Pau Gasol, Wookie just did not get strong guard play, and that might have been the difference.

The Great Zeppole

The Big Zeppole put up some major points, taking it to Wwert2013 in a big way, 667.75 to 461, with balanced scoring up and down the lineup, but a HUGE series by the unibrow himself, Anthony Davis – his play brought the Big Zeppole to the top of the scoring pile. Wwert suffered throughout, but is committed to giving his lineup time to gel, and took solace in the fact this matchup was not the largest margin of victory in the week.

Keyser does the Shumpy Shump all over the HiRisers

In another blowout, Keyser Shump, led by big points from Klay Thompson and Mario Chalmers put up a big number that Qboro HiRisers just couldn’t overcome, winning 627.25 to 363. The HiRisers had balanced scoring, but no elite player to put them over the top, and posted the second lowest point total for the week. They’ll look to redeem themselves in next week’s contest

Gunned down by Gunsbound will Pablo raise up?J2fdvl9y_medium

A shootout at the top of the weekly scoring tally, Gunsbound finally pulled away by a mere 28 points, downing Raise Up for Pablo 661 to 633. Gunsbound got monster games from the forward positions, and rode the big game Kevin Martin had against our beloved Knicks… In fact, I don’t want to talk about them no more.. Raise Up got a huge series from Chris Paul, but little else, and may have been able to pull this one out with the right combination of starting lineups – 633 points would have won 5 other series, but not this one..

GAxed on Shump Street - Wwtx4l4y_medium

In the biggest blowout of the week GAxamaphoone layed the smacketh down all over 21 Shump Street, winning in going away fashion 649 to 290. Sometimes the score is not indicative of the contest, but in this case, it was, as GAx has to be considered one of the favorites heading into the season, with a stellar draft. In their defense, 21 Shump Street didn’t have all of their able bodies available, and are more competitive than the score indicated – they look to rebound next series..

Metta World no longer Wonders what Stingy’s Scimitar can do Iqzgo7dy_medium

Another runaway saw Stingy’s Scimitar run through the Metta World Wonders, led by a balanced offensive attack, and Shump himself, Iman Shumpert.. Did he make the difference? Who knows, but having him helped as they downed the Wonders 605.25 to 394.75. Despite a great series from Ricky Rubio, they had no answer for the Scimitar, that is until Kobe Bryant comes back, and Amar'e Stoudemire can see some steady playing time.. Like Amar'e…

No Saved by the Bell here – the GBallars cometh… Oc0d4xjy_medium

Our Fearless Commissioner, with a late drafting position managed to put all of the critics in their place by riding strong guard play, and the most current/former Knicks on a fantasy roster, winning a back and forth affair 625.25 to 581 over Hammer and the Bell. Despite strong individual performances by Eric Bledsoe, DeMarcus Cousins and John Wall, Hammer couldn’t find enough scoring to take out the Ballars.

Seth determines TBD

Things just got real, as Seth, riding the strong series of Lebron James sank Team TBD, winning 583.50 to 522.75. TBD with the strong frontline of Tyson Chandler and Carmelo Anthony, and balance all through the roster couldn’t overcome the first series loss of Russell Westbrook. But rest easy, he is back now, and so will TBD.. Be that is..

Chico give Ethered the Gas Face...

Chico, overcoming the gravy train that is Nikola Vucevic managed to ride the Penguin to the win, as Raymond Felton and friends showed outstanding team balance in the 587.50 to 509.50 win over You-Got-Ethered. Ethered, knowing he has a rusty D Rose out there knows he will be in the hunt for the division when it is all said and done.



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