Reports: Raptors and Knicks working on Kyle Lowry trade (Updated 1:53 AM)

Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

It'd take more than Iman Shumpert.

Kyle Lowry's name had been brought up as a Knicks trade possibility before, and now Marc Stein hears it is a real thing being worked on:

I like Kyle Lowry a lot, and Kyle Lowry is the type of guard-- attacking, shooting, even defending a little!-- who could help the Knicks quite a bit. He's also on the last year of his contract. I would like for him to be on the Knicks. Because the Knicks are the Knicks, and because Masai Ujiri still runs the Raptors, I fear for what Toronto could get in return. I imagine Iman Shumpert would be in there (which I'm not necessarily okay with, but am resigned to), but his $1.7 million salary is well short of Lowry's $6.2 million. So the Knicks would have to toss more stuff in there, which scares me. If it's just Raymond Felton like Stein suggests or perhaps J.R. Smith? Sure. If the Knicks start reaching into the 22nd century to give up picks, or if they part with Shump AND Tim Hardaway Jr., that would sadden me.

Yeah. Yuck. If this is a thing, then it will be another thing in which the Knicks acquire one big asset in exchange for several smaller assets. As much as I like like Lowry, that scares me a bit. The Knicks have a habit of: 1. Making those kind of trades and 2. Getting cleaned out by those kind of trades. We'll see. Oh, and here's this right before I hit publish:

Meanwhile, at least one of Jared Zwerling's sources suggests Kenneth Faried could still be a thing. I'd prefer Lowry by a longshot. I prefer Lowry to Miller by a longshot, too. If the Knicks are going to trade Shumpert, then that's the best deal I heard so far. You know, provided the Knicks don't give up every other legitimate possible asset they own to make it happen.

Update: Hmm.

Update: Hooooooly shit, the Raptors may actually get that pick. There is no Shump or Hardaway in here, but there is Felton + Metta World Peace + 2018 first-rounder. My word. Note that trading Metta would have to wait until the 15th.


Update (5:05 PM):

Update (9:37 PM)Via Woj:

The Knicks refused a Raptors proposal that would've includedIman Shumpert and Felton, sources told Yahoo Sports. WIthout a first-round pick or Shumpert, there is no traction for a deal. The Knicks have no appetite for including Shumpert or rookie Tim Hardaway Jr. in a package.

Knicks owner Jim Dolan is sensitive to the public perception that Toronto general manger Masai Ujiri bamboozled New York in the Carmelo Anthony trade, and the chance of getting panned for giving up too much in a deal for Lowry has become a hurdle in these talks, league sources told Yahoo Sports.

James! Look at you being able to say no! Good for you! Seriously!

Update (1:53 AM): Frank Isola hears the details of James Dolan's reported interference with the Kyle Lowry trade talks. Steve Mills and company were reportedly ready to trade "Raymond Felton and Metta World Peace plus Iman Shumpert or Tim Hardaway Jr. or a 2018 first-round pick" (emphasis mine) to the Raptors for Lowry and the Raptors reportedly chose the pick, but Dolan shot it down because he got "cold feet" about trading a youngster/future asset to Masai Ujiri. He was also pissed the story leaked.

Felton/World Peace/Person or Asset the Raptors Might Actually Want wasn't anything more than what we'd been hearing, but evidently it offended Dolan. I don't mind the Knicks not making that trade, though I worry that whatever trade comes-- and it does still feel like there will be some trade, even without the Raptors, doesn't it?-- will be worse than any of the deals above. Kyle Lowry's pretty good, and if the Knicks simply must trade Iman Shumpert (or any youthful entity, apparently), I reckon 60 games of Lowry and the chance to sign him (with Bird rights) this summer is as useful a return as they'll get. Of course, they could just not do that kind of trade right now.

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