My Favorite Signature Knicks Sneakers - Top 5

What Up Posters and Toasters! This season has been a complete disaster filled with cow manure. So i wanted to keep things upbeat by creating a Fan Post dedicated to My Favorite Signature Knicks Sneakers. This will be a list of my favorite Knickerbocker Team or Specific Player sneakers. Feel Free to debate or validate my list down in the comments section.

5 - Stephon Marbury: Starbury

For what it's worst I liked Stephon Marbury. To me he was the lone bright spot in the worst Knicks era in the history of the Knicks. He was a major contributor to those issues but whatever, those days are long gone. The Starburys represented Stephon flare while also being extremely affordable. They retailed for about 20 bucks.I liked these shoes a lot because they look original and also can be had for the vast majority of people due to the unprecedented low price point.


4 - Amare Stoudemire: Nike Air Max Sweep Thru

I love Amare no matter what. It really sucks he's has the worst knees in human history. But that discussion is for another fanpost. Let's talk about, what i consider his best Knicks snreakers the Sweep Thrus. Amare has a thing for wearing sneakers with straps. He even rocked non-traditinal basketball sneakers, Zoom Huarache TR trainer, because of the comfort he gets wearing the straps. All in all these Sweep Thrus were my favorite Amare PE sneaks.

nike sweep thru amare pe 01 Nike Air Max Sweep Thru   Amare Stoudemire PE

3 - Carmelo Anthony: Jordan Melo M8

As you all know Melo has his own signature line of Jordan brand sneakes. I like most of them but these M8s are my favorite. They got that patent leather look that my all time favorite Jordan 11's have but these have distinct Melo-ness that his shoe line shows. They are also the sneakers he wore during his best tenure as a Knick so far during the 2012-2013 season. I want Melo to retire a Knickerbocker, i want him to win a ring in NY, Fuck Lebron, Fuck Reggie Miller, Fuck Paul Pierce and most importantly FUCK YOU JAMES DOLAN!!! ..........sorry i got carried away there for a second.

2 - Walt Clyde Frazier: Puma Clyde

Let me first start by saying that Walt Clyde Frazier is the fucking man. He's the true definition of swagger and no one comes close. The Swaggy Ps and Westbrooks of the world don't even measure up to the living legend: Walt Clyde Frazier. Clyde was the first NBA player to get a shoe endorsement with the Puma Clyde being the first signature shoe. I would never ever ball in these shoes but they are fresh and can stand the test of time.

1 - Patrick Ewing: Adidas Attitude Ewing

Patrick Ewing will always be my favorite player. I idolized him growing up. He was a tough SOB who played hard all the time and demanded that same effort to all his teammates. He was a beast that played in the best era for centers in NBA History. His first signature sneaker, the Adidas Attitude Ewing is my top pick for best Knicks signature sneaker. These are classic yet rugged and personify the legend himself.

Thanks for taking the time to read my list of Top 5 Signature Knicks Sneakers. Let me know what your top list would be or how you would change re-arrange my ranking.

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