A selection of depressing Knicks thoughts

If you're a fan of the Knicks, we are rooting for them to lose right? Dolan's vote of confidence aside, the only way forward is to collect a few future assets by trading away whatever we can. Right? This is a rebuild situation, correct? We all know the Knicks are not a contender, and the ceiling is first round fodder. The Knicks are not keeping Carmelo Anthony in free agency without either a rebuild plan, or holding his loved ones hostage. I don't think Melo is worth a max deal, but let's leave personal opinions out of this.

The trade deadline is February 20th.

Let's do some math: The Knicks are 9 - 21, there are 16 games in January. Assuming the Knicks have a 50% chance to beat a Eastern Conference team not named Pacers or Heat, and a 50% chance to beat a non-playoff Western conference team. These are generous assumptions. Also assume the Knicks have a 10% chance to beat a good team (San Antonio, Houston, Dallas, Miami, Indiana, Los Angeles Clippers). These generous odds would land the Knicks 5.6 wins on the months of January, in the spirit of the Holidays let's round that number to 6. So at the end of January the Knicks will be somewhere in the range of 15 - 31. At that point there has to be some changes, right?

I love Tyson Chandler, but I would trade him for a sandwich, or maybe any form of draft pick. Most people won't want a 3 month Melo rental, but hey for one second round pick? Everything must go! No offers refused!

(If I'm Houston, I might take a flier on Melo for a package centered on Asik. Howard, Harden, Melo, Parsons, you don't really need much else, and that roster might get Melo to resign.)

After a brief 30 game test run, Woodson has come to the conclusion that the team must play people who try. *slow clap. Even though it's now obvious Bargnani should be the Knicks 9th man (or not play), I bet Woodson starts him during the Texas tour. There is more than enough evidence that Woodson should be canned, but I have a feeling the data is just going to get more compelling.

To those who have been to the garden recently: :( It's not a fun place, though I do like the $14 chicken sandwich from simply chicken, and the all beef sausage from sausage boss.

At least during the Isiah era expectations were significantly muted. Watching Isiah Thomas talk about the Knicks on NBA TV is a special kind of torture.

What is Allan Houston being groomed for? Aren't planned transitions usually done when someone successful has been running things for a long time? Make him coach or GM already so we can move forward.

Iman Shumpert. Oh boy did we kill his development, I'd like to point the finger at Woodson, but I'm sure many people had a hand in ruining him.

At least the Nets are bad. The Nets biggest mystery is how Deron Williams maintains his painted on/comb forward hairstyle without daily ridicule from both his peers and the media. His ability to maintain that hairstyle in the face of all reason is one of life's biggest mysteries.

I wonder how much ticket prices are going to go up next year. Raising prices after this year is going to be a real kick in the balls.

So this brings me back to the original thought. We're rooting for the Knicks to lose right? While we might not be tanking for a pick, we are tanking for change?

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