Tuesday Galahs

JJ Harrison


Good evening, babies. I have for you some links.

- Galahs are Australian cockatoos. "Galah" is also apparently a mean word an Australian might call somebody, which strikes me as uncool since Galahs themselves seem like decent folks.

- Some practice things from today: Sounds like it was a tough, defense-oriented practice. Sounds like Iman Shumpert got some special attention, defense-wise. Also sounds like Tyson Chandler only participated a little bit because of a sore ankle, but he's okay. Also, this.

- On that note, Dan Devine recounts an afternoon spent with J.R. Smith and some Power Rangers. One thing. J.R. says this:

"Me and my brother [Chris Smith, a rookie guard who was with the Knicks in training camp but was waived before the season after injuring his left knee] used to argue over who was going to be which Ranger and stuff like that."

How did those arguments turn out?

"Chris ended up being the White Ranger, and I settled for the Green Ranger," he said. "I really didn't want to, but he was the younger brother, so I let him win."

What made you want to be the White Ranger so badly?

"I mean, he was the leader, so ... I mean, whoever's the leader in any kind of group, that's who I want to be," Smith said. "Plus, you know, he had the gadgets, he had the girl; he had everything going for him, man."

Weren't the Green Ranger and the White Ranger the same person? That was later on in the Power Rangers series, but I'm pretty sure they were both Tommy. I checked this on Wikipedia and it appeared to be true, but the Power Ranger mythology on Wikipedia is pretty dense, so I'm not sure.

- The Knicks have "internally discussed" Lou Amundson, which is something we've heard pretty much every time Lou Amundson has been available.

- This is a short but very sweet profile of Pablo Prigioni done by the excellent Steve McPherson.

- Carmelo Anthony sees LeBron James as a likely MVP, which is probably smart. He and J.R. Smith have different things to say about New York's ball movement issues, and that makes sense. J.R.'s like "we need to move the ball more" and Melo's like "we are moving the ball. People ned to hit shots", more or less.

- Walt Frazier's website, via Walt Frazier.

- What it's like to guard Chris Copeland if you really suck at defense.

- I dunno, but I love Amar'e Stoudemire.

- I dunno, but I love Tyson Chandler.

- The Knicks Bowl event was last night. Knicks bowled.

And those are the links. What's everybody eating for dinner? EVERYBODY I mean.

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