A report from the game against the Warriors: JR wins a Dubs fan over

I know that was an awful loss to the Warriors - something people want to forget, but I have a friend who's a huge Warriors fan - she knows I'm a Knicks fan. She doesn't always understand why I still support the Knicks - specially after what happened with, you know...

This is her report.

I sat next to a very cute and very nice Knicks fan last night. Well moving on...

I think the injuries plus the time difference did the Knicks in. They were playing way past their bedtime. They were all cold. This is the 2nd time I've seen this happen...LIVE. The first being with the Celtics. None of their shots were falling. I am starting to believe that the basket has taken a life of its own and decided to spit out every ball the Knicks tried to sink.

I love how JR kept his cool about the "flagrant" and I AM NOT A JR FAN, I seriously did not see it as him intentionally fouling/hitting Barnes as malicious. Barnes was hit HARD yes, but I don't think it was with malice. JR went for the ball and hit Barnes hard in the process. It happens in basketball you know. But I'm not the referee. When it was reviewed in slow motion, from different angles, it somehow changed the context e.g.
Even when JR was trying to protest I was impressed, he was NOT in anyone's face like I expected him to be. He did not raise his voice. He did not antagonize the players nor the referee. There were no punches thrown. He did not even storm out of the court like a baby when he got ejected. He was being the bigger man and he earned my respect last night. Last night, at that moment he casually jogged out of court to exit the floor, I was clapping not because I wanted him out but because he was matured about the whole thing. Regardless of what he may say about the call, as we all know, JR is not best when answering doesn't matter. He earned my respect last night.

Anyway, that was my take away from the game. JR won in my book Maybe he's finally grown up.

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