Time to Face Hideous Realities

I am suffering from Knicks fatigue – but my condition is not solely the result of staying up too late to watch 2 (out of what feels like is going to be 5) bullshit west coast trip performances. No; my state of mind is an accumulation of Knick-things that have been slowly depleting my power levels and hope for the future.

Forget the obvious fact that Melo’s growth rate as a smart, team player is as disproportionately slow and improbable as is our nation’s economic recovery (sorry, to all the delusional apologists, but Melo is in the mid- to late-stages of a process that will crown him unchallenged supreme leader of a pack of low-IQ, past and present veteran players, who just don't get "it," such as: Corey Maggette, Jamal Crawford, Nick Young, JR Rider, and I’m running out of names, but you should get the point; a.k.a. the 21-gods) – no, that’s not my main issue.

And, forget that JR Smith’s schizophrenic style assigns him 1 foot in the aforementioned group and the other foot leading him in to the stands to find that 16 year-old he wants to pipe; and forget that, as much as I like his grittiness, Ray Felton really should be a back-up point guard; and forget that Novak’s muscle-tone (he is an athlete, after all) and footwork (somebody get him on a strict routine of P90X Plyometrics!!!!) has not improved in 3 seasons; and forget that Kurt Thomas should be an assistant coach (sitting right next to Pat Ewing); and forget that, out of nowhere, a couple of months ago, Jason Kidd decided that he would stop following-through on his shot (that leg-kick Nets win was fool's gold, bc Kidd seems obsessed with it at this point and it hasn't paid dividends since December); and forget that Tyson Chandler goes through stages where he just isn’t mentally present—if you follow; and forget the apparent fact that the NYKs have managed to assemble a rich assortment of players that NBA referees feel comfortable abusing by re-allocating to our opponents our foul calls from the finite pool of fouls to be called in an NBA game; and forget that I can’t figure out why Marcus Camby gives back-handed hi-fives….

Forget all of that!!! My bone of contention is with the leader of the crew, a guy I am definitely rooting for – ol’ blue drunk eyes – HE with the head of a milk dud – the guy with the 1970’s pubic facial hair/punani lips-combo (as my wife noted to me 1 night long ago when I still felt good about the season) – none other than the head coach, Mike Woodson.

From unnecessarily playing Melo too many minutes (undeniably, the team’s ball movement and total participation improves when Melo isn’t around, so why not trade him, find a balance where he isn’t playing 40+ minutes a night, or make him the greatest 6th man, unconscious bench scorer of all-time; otherwise, you're not really playing to win or you are completely irrational) – to playing Kidd more than once every other game (I thought he was here for sage-leadership/guidance, not to be a regular-season workhorse) – to an under-reliance on the fresh legs of Cope and Flight (IMO, these guys need playing time to develop and eat-up regular season minutes….White doesn’t suck, he just sees inconsistent floor time and it doesn’t allow him to solidify his role) – to the BS defensive-switching philosophy, which plays into our opponent’s hands, because aged PFs and Cs don’t cover very well this era’s super-quick guards — Woodson's decisions are leaving me ill and the Knicks trending in the wrong direction.

Where are my solutions you say?...

**Treating Shump and Copeland like shit is backfiring; Iman lacks confidence and Copeland is so ready to explode that when gets on the court he looks like a teenage boy who just discovered puberty and has been let loose in a hoar house; these 2 players are going to be largely responsible for any resurgence the Knicks can muster this season, so it behooves Woody to find a new approach

**For multiple reasons, before it’s too late for him to get comfortable, White needs to relieve Kidd of half of those minutes

**Henry Sims, a guy who I've watched for a few years at Georgetown, who would be a perfect anecdote to help us with our crappy ball movement, has been lingering in the D-League for most of the year to make room for a favorite of mine, Kurt Thomas(this would be ok if the current year were 2003, bc Thomas was my man back in the day and Sims would be 13 years old); in addition to being able to score in the paint, Sims distributes the rock like a guard with excellent vision and will knock down the 13-16 foot range jumper (just the type of thing that might free up some of our 1-dimensional scorers)

From my vantage point, all of the above has led to: the lack of a pipeline of players that can take over in 2 years; deteriorating health of Melo, Chandler, and Shump as a result of too many minutes; and the destruction of what could have been an otherwise productive and fun season.

I’m all about going against the grain, but that is not the same as mismanaging; BOTTOM-LINE: Woody is mismanaging the Knicks, and the repercussions are short- and long-term; and I think I’m developing a tumor in my stomach from yelling at the TV as much as I do.

I’m not in search of post-discipline; feel free to discuss any part of this post, as it is all relevant to our demise.

I'm sick; I needed to vent; thank you.


The Artist Formerly Known as RhinoDriving

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