Health updates on all the tall people

Jonathan Daniel

The bigs are back?

Good morning! I'm going to be out most of the day (back in time for the game tonight), but here's a quick update on the various tall people who've been absent for the Knicks of late. First, we have yesterday's report from Marc Berman that Rasheed Wallace-- surprisingly enough-- might just give that sore foot a run this evening in Charlotte.

If Wallace doesn’t play tonight, he is expected to play in the Knicks’ regular-season finale against Atlanta Wednesday and certainly for the playoffs that start Saturday versus Boston.

Wallace, 38, is significantly ahead of schedule. He did a strenuous workout yesterday on the Garden floor before yesterday’s 90-80 win over the Pacers. According to Woodson, Wallace will make the determination this morning if he is ready for a Charlotte cameo.

"He’s been on the floor running a few days,’’ Woodson said. "After today’s workout, if he checks out [tomorrow], we’ll see. If he doesn’t, we’ll have another day to prepare for the Atlanta game. If not, for sure the playoffs.’’

First of all, the prospect of watching Rasheed Wallace spin in a totally meaningless game (the top dudez are expected to rest) in Charlotte is so very thrilling. His only task out there is to test the sore foot, so I imagine he'll just run down the list of activities: "1. Fall-away three from the top of the arc. Check! 2. Blind turn-around jumper out of the post. Check! 3. Blocking a smaller, younger person and scowling at them. Check! 4. Verbally assaulting a referee. Check!". This could be the game of the year. (Also, if you're worried about Sheed's conditioning, here's Raymond Felton: ""He’s been busting his behind," Raymond Felton said. "They’ve been killing him – trust me – for him to be in shape, to make sure he stays fit.")

Meanwhile, Steve Popper shares Mike Woodson's assertion that Kenyon Martin and Tyson Chandler will be ready for Game 1 of the Celtics series (probably Saturday). I guess those guys have played recently enough that they don't need a test like Sheed does. Hopefully the rest has done good for their various knees and discs and whatnot.

Finally, Al Iannazzone reiterates that Amar'e Stoudemire is unlikely to be ready for the first round and suggests (rightly, I imagine), that even if Marcus Camby can play next week, he probably won't crack the rotation. Not if Martin, Chandler, and Sheed are all ready to go. He's got the plantar fasciitis, so I don't think he'll be fully "healthy" again this season. It's just varying shades of hurt. That's okay.

Solomon Jones is healthy.

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