Tuesday Hooded Pitohuis



Good evening, babies. I have for you some links on this Knicks-less night.

- Hooded Pitohuis are poisonous! They're one of only a few bird species discovered to carry a neurotoxin on their skin and feathers. It's believed that the Pitohuis, like poison dart frogs, accumulate the poison by eating a certain species of beetle. Here's a quick lecture about it. (He's talking about the Variable Pitohui, which is a congener with our friend up above).

- Dear everyone who comments here: CHECK IT OUT. Also, check this out: If you double-tap shift while looking at a post, you can get anchor links for any individual paragraph. So if you wanna be like YO SETH YOU MADE A TYPO AGAIN, you can direct me to the exact place I made the typo. Or other stuff.

- Here are a few Mike Woodson quotes regarding the Quentin Richardson signing. In short: "He is a guy. We needed a guy."

- Meanwhile, the Magic are saving a few bucks because Richardson got picked up by someone.

- Kenyon Martin and Tyson Chandler are expected to play in Game 1 this weekend. Good. Not a surprise, but very good.

- Brett Koremenos checks in to show us how the super-small lineups Mike Woodson's been using (presumably out of necessity) have actually worked quite well.

- Here's a stat-heavy take on Steve Novak's value that, believe it or not, determines said value to be quite high. It's got a lot to do with never turning the ball over ever. (One of you linked me to this but I can't find the original comment. I like to give credit for these things, so feel free to speak up if it was you.)

- If the Knicks win the championship, J.R. Smith's gonna get another tattoo, maybe on, like, his tongue or the bottom of his foot or something.

- Iman Shumpert's picture in here is incredible.

- Zach Lowe joins several other national writers in picking J.R. Smith for Sixth Man of the Year. It's beginning to seem like a real thing that's gonna happen. That's great! Meanwhile, this means Zach went as Lisbeth Salander for Halloween. Pretty weird, Zach.

- There's not much evidence to suggest that resting/playing stars in the last few games before the playoffs has any effect on anything.

- A nice review of We'll Always Have Linsanity from David Vertsberger.

Those are your links! Enjoy your evening in the swamp. You're in a swamp, right? No? Oh. I must be thinking of someone else. Wait, are you sure? Okay, nevermind.

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