Kneejerk No Stats Knicks Report Card for Game 1 by Jim Williams

The Knicks won a hotly contested but disjointed offensive game game on the basis of the humongous play of Kenyon Martin, and heroic shooting by Carmelo Anthony. As well, Jason Kidd did a remarkable job in damage control mode, as he was constantly winning fights for loose balls and being in the mix for almost every rebound.

Woodson still buys into the "Novak is a defensive liability" myth, evidently. 5 minutes, and 1 shot. All while JR Smith was clearly off and struggling.

The result of it all was some big plays made by the Knicks, and the entire Garden shutting down the Celtics who couldn't find the basket in the second half.



Play novak. Seriously. JR was struggling massively and shooting us into the ground, and doing in his own head to boot. We can't have Smith completely guessing at shots when there's plenty of guys who can shoot on the team.


The guy put us on his back like he does, and shot us through this game. Big shots, and he hit one long jumpshot that was the vision of perfection. It almost liked like slow motion. Buckets.


Not too bad, but runs around acting like he knows what he's doing when he should really just be passing hte ball to Kidd.

Kidd : B, held it down.

Copeland : C

Didn't notice him.

Shumpert : C-

Balls going through his hands on wide open fast breaks is not NBA basketball, son.

Chandler : B

Solid as always, just a presence.

Novak : N/A

No-PT.Zero impact in a game that could have used him.

Smith : C-

A total liability on offensive flow but made up for it with energy and active hands.

Martin : A

MVP. If Melo carried us, K Mart pushed us over the top. Awesome play, engaged the garden, popped the crowd several times with plays of real Knicks hustle like the days of Oakley, Mason, Starks, Ewing.

The Defense was stellar with very active hands.

Crowd: A+

The Garden was full of the Knicks Faithful tonight, and really was a strong force in the game.

Commentating : Jeff Van Gundy complains all game, and makes every comment like the Knicks are getting calls. Is that just me? Or did it seem like every iffy call that went the Knicks way, he had to point it out.

I'd hate it if he was bitter towards the Knicks. I got nothing against him; I actually loved the years when he was coach of the Knicks. I paid attention all season long and loved it, and will forever cherish the memory of him clinging to Alonzo Mourning's leg. It would be a shame if he has lost his Knicks loyalty. We are the only ones who remember his career with fondness.

Ok see ya next game.,


Knee Jerk Report Cards are opinions formed during and after Knicks games and may not be supported by actual statistics.

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