Wednesday African Penguins



Good evening. I just decided to get some pizza, so this is going to be as quick as I can make it, but here are some links, a few of them from before Game 2 last night.

- I chose African penguins because some of them (at least I think those are African penguins) made an appearance in the Tampa Bay Rays clubhouse today (they were invited). They're good dogs.

- Pablo Prigioni looked fine to me last night, but said his sprained ankle still isn't all the way right. His quotes here are, as always, the very best.

- Kevin Garnett suffered a hip pointer in Game 2 (on this play). He'll be ready for Friday, but might be hobbling a bit.

- Our friend Dan caught James Dolan snackin' on a lollipop last night. That made it all the way to The New Yorker.

- Jared Dubin snagged video of the variation of the "elevator doors" play the Knicks have been using to get Raymond Felton open baseline jumpers.

- My favorite luxury watch columnist is Carmelo Anthony. You?

- The video's a little hard to see, but Tommy Dee highlighted one of those plays I was talking about where the Knicks hit Kenyon Martin up high to find an angle to beat the front on Melo down low.

- I'm totally behind rewarding Pablo Prigioni for being a very smart fouler.

- A whole lot of people misheard MSG's "KG SUCKS" chants last night and got very confused.

- J.R. Smith has always been J.R. Smith. My yearbook quote was some dumb shit, though, so I can't make fun.

- I had a lot of fun doing research to help Paul Flannery write this terrific retrospective on J.R.'s entire Sixth Man season.

- And here's PFlanns after Game 2, analyzing the Celtics on the precipice of collapse (we hope).

- Beckley Mason on Mike Woodson's burgeoning reputation as a cool, interesting, funny, creative likeable coach. That certainly wasn't my impression of Woody back when New York first hired him.

- Henry Abbott and restaurant champ Eddie Huang talked on the computer, mostly about the Knicks!

- Steve Serby conducted sort of a condensed, non-Sunday version of his usual interviews with Jason Kidd. It's very cool.

- I feel like I haven't read much about Mike Woodson's relationship with Chris Ford since around the time Woodson took over for Mike D'Antoni. Now that the Knicks are facing the Celtics, we're hearing more about that history.

That's all! Please feel free to use this thread to comment on tonight's games if you're watching. <3

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