Knicks/Pacers Game 3 Review...UGH

I'm beyond upset with the Knicks performance tonight, just embarrassing.

-Tyson Chandler played like a complete pile of sh!t, absolutely miserable in every way. Completely no effort, got outhustled for rebounds, zero offensive contributions, just abused by roy hibbert and looked like he had no reason to be in that game.
-Jason Kidd played like a complete pile of sh!t, hesitant to EVER shoot (bc he can't make anything). He contributed to zero steals/turnovers/smart plays, instead he just committed a bunch of turnovers himself and looked old, real old.
-J.R. Smith played like a complete pile of sh!t (noticing a trend?), completely looked lifeless out there without any energy due to the flu, and couldn't get any shooting rhythm or really anything going.

But guess what?! they combined for SEVENTY FIVE (75!) minutes

The knicks shot 27% from 3, only got up 11 3's all game, and scored only 71! points. They really could've used a player whose 6'8 225 lbs, who shot 42% from three all year who can create his own shot (Chris Copeland), or even a guy who shot 43% from three this year, who can only shoot if standing still and open but still 43% from three (Steve Novak). One would think in a game where your team scores 71 points you give those players a chance right? Or at least play at the end of the game when its all but over to see if there's any chance, right?! RIGHT?! Nope, 1 minute Mike Woodson.

And Pablo Priginio, you know, the guy the garden was chanting his name during game 2, the guy who drove and kicked passed into the two easiest knick buckets all night. The guy who played like the Knicks best point guard tonight (Felton also didn't play well) would play at least ONE minute during the 4th quarter, right?!


Ok let me end this on a positive note, IMAN SHUMPERT, i cannot wait to watch you for years to come, love the intensity, the passion, hustling for loose balls, causing turnovers, giving it your all, pretty much doing everything that the rest of the team didn't. Even though he didn't shoot the best, and probably did have his worst game of the series, he at least showed that he knew he was playing a playoff game. At least i was able to watch Shump during the rest of this teams (and mike woodson, actually especially mike woodson) shitfest.

I'm just too upset to keep going right now, I will speak to some thoughts I had on Stat's return and Melo's game tomorrow.

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