The Salt in the Stew

Even though, after finding Posting and Toasting this year and riding through this playoffs with you, I have the lowest regard for the basketball acumen of the denizens of this message board, I am going to post this here to have this completely valid and pretty widely held point of view stated out loud.

If the New York Knicks were a door, he's a doorknob.

If the New York Knicks were a motor, he's a spark plug.

If the New York Knicks were a stew, he's the salt.

And I'm talking about Novakaine, Steve Novak. The completely baseless arguments go out supporting Woodson's complete benching of the league's purest shooter: He can't play defense (really? he maybe gets beat one-on-one once in a while but he is a pretty good weak-side rebounder and gets in the mix, slowing down fast breaks) He can't make his own shot (or maybe he doesn't force them?), on and on.

So forget basketball common sense. Forget the jordan-type championship team precedent of the presence of a pure shooter (Kerr, Armstrong, Paxson) to be a threatening presence to open up driving lanes. Forget the Basketball 101 concepts of spacing and ball movement. Just look at hte Knicks record when they played best all year, and how much Novak was a part of it.

I'm talking about the first month of the year, when they were the best team in basketball, and during the 13 game win streak, when they were one of the best teams I ever watched, period.

Look at novak's minutes, and shots. he contributed to the game, and alot flows out of it.

Kidd flows out of it. (that's another thing - shame on you seth. Gett Kidd off the floor? hOly crap dude. Let's see. the team is bogged down in one-on-one isos, ball movement is's the solution! Take the one guy who doesn't want to shoot the ball, and loves to pass it, off the court! sorry dude but I had to laugh.)

Melo flows out of it, with driving lanes and passing angles for open j's without "making your own shot".

JR flows out of it, with his competitive fire amped up by the site of the swishes.

Chandler LOVES that shit, and gets hyped and does magic out there.

I wrote an article after the first game, stating that Woodson gets low marks for not playingnovak. I now give him the lowest marks ever i gave a coach. HE took a team that was on a roll and completely destroyed existing team chemistry, removing a significant contributor, and adding in a new piece midstride (Amare). These are basic personnel mistakes that have completely destroyed the Knicks sense of self, and has made this the most sickening playoffs I have ever watched.

Novak won't play, I know. Get kidd off the floor. Um, ok. Enjoy watching Ray Felton wave his hands at people telling to go somewhere else rather than where they want to be, JR Smith's astoundiong ability at shooting contested fade away jump shots, Chandler's uninspired play, and Melo's heroic, frustration as he seeks to find a rhythm.

Maybe we'll win, would be awesome. But I don't see us returning to the style of ball that made me excited all year with Novak playing Scrub Time.

You may disagree, it's your right. But this is a valid point of view, and I'm just putting it in writing.

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