A P&T Off-Season Exercise : Polish through the draft

Hi Knicks fans and fellow P&T'ers. This off-season I've decided to come to my senses and post on Posting and Toasting. I'm an author over at Minor League Ball (MLB prospects site), and I've been recently interested by the aspects of player development in other leagues. The NFL Draft has made me into a draft and young talent enthusiast. Last year I began getting to know some of the NBA prospects. I made myself a Draft Express account and began researching these players. Now many of the players I looked at didn't make much of an impact. Yet, to be fair to myself other than Damian Lillard who did make an impact this season?

This year's draft looks promising. What draft doesn't? It's filled with a new hope that will hopefully turn potential talent into a kinetic superstar. Eh, perhaps just a solid player.

So let's assume that J.R. Smith isn't going to be a Knick next season. He very well could be, but we're drafting to fill roles here, and the role that Smith currently fills may be gone come October. I also feel the team needs to pick up a point guard to help out Felton. I'm interested in seeing if Prigioni decides to come back. Please Pablo, please. Finally, the Knicks need some sort of big man to help down low. Every year I feel I'm preaching about getting boards. Tyson Chandler is not aging well. I believe it has something to do with his father time like beard. Shave Tyson! Shave to save yourself and the Knicks rebounding situation! Even if Chandler can remain on the court the Knicks need more help down low.

So a list of needs?

- PG

- SG

- F

That's a lot of potential needs with only one pick in the first round. I've complied a list of potential prospects for us to select with the 24th overall pick as Draft Express has New York selecting in that spot right now.

Point Guards

Michael Carter-Williams, Syracuse

Shane Larkin, Miami

Lorenzo Brown, NC State

Shooting Guards

Allen Crabbe, California

Archie Goodwin, Kentucky

Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, Georgia

Tim Hardaway Jr., Michigan

Vander Blue, Marquette

Seth Curry, Duke


Reggie Bullock, North Carolina

Adonis Thomas, Memphis

James Southerland, Syracuse

Christian Watford, Indiana

Some of these players are reaches who I hope fall to 24, but others could very well go undrafted. I was thinking of previewing a few of these players like Viva does for us every year. I might go position by position, and for the prospects I see really be Knicks I'd do a individual post.

I'd also like to look at some potential undrafted rookies because I see a lot of potential from guys like Vander Blue who's not mocked by Draft Express as of now. I'll get working on this series by the weekend!

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