Know the Prospect: Christian Watford

Juddup errbuddy? Stingy on the set reppin nathan. This one of my favorite times of the year, and thats how it go, yucky-head. I want to (a) know-up some fuck-ass prospects, young. (b) Finna find out who's about to go be there when its our turn to do all the deciding. And more importantly, who we should know, and why we should know them, and whether they fit with the Knicks, or whether they don't, or whether they fit in the NBA at all or whether they ain't that even. That all lands under (c), dig? So fuckit.

Beer me a hold up a sec.

I don't watch too much college ball, but for some reason, I have seen about 10 Indiana games, over the course of two years, and pretty much always against quality opponents. I do not seek Indiana games out, they seek me out. Thats just how it worked, and I love basketball no matter who plays, so I watched, and thought my thoughts, while I drank my drinks, or drifted beyond- completely zapped on brown, clown.

Lemme get some wasabi shrimp chips and be monolithic in my pasture. Don't struggle, little boner boys, I'm stroking poetical enough for all the chickaroonies to let them panties spit. Wise up bucko, and I'll teach you about the kid you not:

Christian Watford. True blue small forward and very solid rotation player in tha lig.



The guy 6'8" like. But got a decent grip of lank tho. So we a call him 6'9" like. He bout 225. 230 call it cus he chillin. substantial as it were. not big- not a teeny weenie. Arm game is long. 7'1" wingspan. 8'9" standing reach. 7% body fatso, the better to absorb you with. He could jump a little. He ain't Z-Bo, he ain't Shane Larkin. I was very surprised by his terrific lane agility score. 11.35! How about it, folks? Lets really hear it for him!

Meow. Not gonna lie. the boy ain't much in the way of highly touted. Pro SI Nba Draft express net dot com is on some flat HE NOT gettin drafted shit. But thats not what I saw when I seen him.

Actual Draft profiles: DRAFT EXPRESS, NBADRAFT.NET, SI.COM, aaaaand the other one

Amateur take, Offense- He hits half his threes, practically. He got significantly better at shooting each season and hit 48% last year, shooting 3.5 a game. That team had NO POINT GUARD, NO scoring wing, and their go to guy- that big feller, Zeller, people just say he's gonna be a star cus he's the best of a few stankin ass brothers. I'm not impressed. It was Watford. I'm sure I'm being laughed out the room, and I'm perfectly happy to take it. But every game I watched- It was Watford who made the right plays. Simple, boring and correct swing passes from the wing, top of the key, in to the post. Not holding the ball. Not turning it over. He struggled finishing inside 2-point range, at about 40%, which is odd. And I can't explain. I never saw him taking tons of bad or contested shots. And he can finish close to the rim, as well as make plays close to the rim.

Defense... He solid. You wish he'd get some more rebounds. Was never appalled, never impressed.

Random Red Flag: He enjoyed winning a ESPY espy award. fuck espn.

The Clyde Factor: I think Clyde will be able to pull this off. But I'm guessing he'll mistakenly say "Horford" for a while.

I promised this would be a shaky profile. And I hope I didn't disappoint in that regard, so far...

Here's video of this guy:


we won't draft him. would be cool to see him in summer league. MOOOOAOAAAR KtP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All the respect in the world to Ross, and Chillsap. I love it, guys. Bless your hearts.



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