Know The Prospect: Allen Crabbe

I'm not new to the prospect game, I occasionally contribute over at SBNation's Minor League Ball. So I decided I'd get in on the "Know The Prospect" series with one of my favorite potential Knicks. So let's get to know California's shooting guard, Allen Crabbe. But first I'll inform you that I'll be using the format that Viva and Chillsap have been using so far this prospect knowing season.

Mr. Crabbe is a 6'6" junior SG from Cal who straight up knows how to put the ball in the basket. His quickness should help him transition well to the NBA level. We're in the era of a fast paced game, so all the speed and quickness the Knicks can garner will help them. Behind Reggie Bullock, there might be no other player I rather the Knicks select with who should be available at this spot in the draft.

The Run Down

D.O.B. - 04/04/1992 (21 years old)

Hometown - Los Angeles, CA

Measurements : Height w/o shoes 6'5.25"; Height w/shoes 6'6.25"; Weight 197 lbs; Wingspan 6'11.25"; Max Vert 36.0, Lane Agility 10.67

Actual Draft Profiles and Player Info: DraftExpress,, Sports Reference

Projected Draft Position : 25 to LAC via DraftExpress, 20 to CHI via Sports Illustrated's Mannix, 25 to LAC via

Amateur Take - Offense: There's a lot of things to like about Allen Crabbe on offense. Perhaps my favorite thing about Crabbe his his catch and shoot ability. From watching the tape, it's okay to believe that these abilities could translate to the next level very quickly. He shot 44.1% off catch and shoot opportunities for Cal and DraftExpress believes that since he's the main player of the Golden Beards offense that number should have been higher. Crabbe took a lot of these shots with a hand in his face because he's the guy everyone on the opposing team was focusing on to stop. Shooting 41% with a hand in your face is pretty amazing. So how does Crabbe do it? Well, aside from his amazing length, Crabbe has one of the most prettiest looking jumpers in college basketball. His shot is well elevated and he lets go at the ball at its highest point, making it almost impossible for other lengthy guards to deflect it.

What if he wasn't the go to guy of an offense though? I only can assume that his percentages would only rise. DraftExpress shows us that Crabbe 53.8% on unguarded catch and shoot opportunities. I can only assume that an offense with Carmelo Anthony would leave Crabbe left open more times than he was with Cal. Crabbe saw his 3 point shot fall just 35% of the time last year as opposed to 40% in his previous two seasons. Again, this is contributed to him being the go to guy of an offense. Once he settles into an NBA city, I'd expect his shooting percentages to go up all around the stat sheet. To go along with his amazing catch and shoot opportunities, Crabbe proves that he can shoot well off screens. DraftExpress explains how his quick release and excellent footwork should make it easy for coaches to design plays for Crabbe as he will easily knock down the open jumper.

Crabbe's quickness will play well in a transition game. This is where he gets most of his points. He shows the ability to consistently finish at the rim in transition. However, place Crabbe in a situation where he must blow past the defense using his ball handling skills and you may find yourself in trouble. Crabbe doesn't move well with the ball when wanting to change directions and he finds it difficult to create his own shot. Crabbe also isn't the best passer and doesn't setup his teammates well. Lastly, Crabbe avoids contact and I wonder if he has the physical toughness to drive to the lane with a weak 4.6 free throw attempts through 40 minutes.

Amateur Take - Defense: Allen Crabbe is a very raw defensive player. Crabbe shows the ability to be a pest in the pass lanes with his incredibly length. His long arms make it difficult for opponents to pass to their focused target. However, Crabbe has difficulty moving his feet and sometimes loses his man. Overall, he's going to be an average defender to begin his NBA career with some mental relapses that can be corrected in the future.

Random Flag: Crabbe lacks physical toughness despite averaging 6 rebounds per game. I believe that if he wants to be anything more than a catch and shoot player, he'll have to delve into a good strengthening program to put on some muscle. As I pointed out earlier, Crabbe only shoots 4.6 FTA per 40 minutes. That's just not good enough for a guy who was the focal point of an offense. Crabbe also finds difficulty in finishing when there is contact at the basket. He'll finish in transition, but if there's friction at the basket the shot because really difficult for Crabbe. This is just a part of Crabbe's game that must change for him to separate him from a player to just a shooter.

The Clyde Factor: His name is Crabbe. I think Clyde would have a bunch of fun with this one. I'd probably ruin the pun if I attempted one right now, so I rather your imagination run wild.

Knick Knacks:

  • Crabbe was named as one of 30 candidates for the 2013 Naismith Men’s Player of the Year Award.
  • compares him to Hubert Davis.
  • His mental side of the game needs work. Many scouts say that he doesn't have his head in the game.

Let's Get Reel:


  • Efficient scorer
  • NBA ready 3 pointer
  • Amazing catch and shooter
  • Plays well off screens
  • Athletic
  • Long and lengthy
  • Good size for a guard
  • Gets in passing lanes on defensive end
  • Rebounding on both ends
  • Upside to become a more complete player


  • Creating his own shot
  • Footwork
  • Doesn't like contact
  • Mentality
  • Lacks 1-on-1 abilities

Final Thoughts: Allen Crabbe is definitely a first round talent just from his shooting abilities. I really like this pick for the Knicks because I'm sure that the team will have enough start power to draw attention away from Crabbe's shot. Making it easier for him to put the ball in the basket from deep ranges. I mean, Carmelo Anthony alone should be able to do this.

The Knicks need more rebounding. It would be nice to find a guy who rebounds like Landry Fields, but scores way better than him. If you want someone like that, well, you want Crabbe!

His shot should outweigh all his weaknesses. It's that good. Yet, I feel most of his weaknesses are correctable. Especially the footwork and dribbling. The mental side of his game is what worries me the most. It's hard to change your mentality on a dime. It's going to take some time for Crabbe to change his mentality. His mentality is definitely making him afraid of attacking the paint which would result in drawing more contact.

Overall, I'd draft Crabbe. What say you?

(Thank you DraftExpress and for the numbers and profiles.)

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