Know The Prospect: Pierre Jackson

Hey Knick buddies! I've been reading some comments around Posting and Toasting, and a commenter hinted very loudly at the idea of a Pierre Jackson Know The Prospect. So, here it is!

Pierre Jackson is a 5'10 point guard from Baylor. He was a senior last season and posted some very nice numbers despite the Bears missing the NCAA tournament. Don't worry Baylor fans! Your Bears won the NIT tournament championship, and a lot of the thanks goes to Pierre Jackson. Many consider him undersized, but since he worked out with the Nets his stock has risen dramatically. He was one of the better players at the workout that Brookyln held. Mitts off Nets, get your mangy mittens off of him!

The Run Down

D.O.B. - 08/21/1991 (21 years old)

Hometown - Las Vegas, NV

Measurements : Height w/o shoes 5'9.5" ; Height w/shoes 5'10.5" ; Weight 176 lbs; Wingspan5'10"; Max Vert NA, Lane Agility

Actual Draft Profiles and Player Info: DraftExpress,, Sports Reference

Projected Draft Position : 33rd to CLE according to DraftExpress, 25 to LAC according to Sports Illustrated's Chris Mannix, 46 to Utah according to NBADraft.Net

Amateur Take - Offense: Where to begin? Well, Jackson is a very efficient scorer. He put up a 58% true shooting percentage with his new role as the predominant scorer on the Baylor offense after losing some players to the draft a season earlier. During this time Jackson upped his points per 40 minutes, pace adjusted, from 17.6 to 21.8 according to DraftExpress. Different from the last prospect I profiled, Allen Crabbe, Jackson actually welcomes contact. He drew 7.4 free throw attempts per 40 in his final year at Baylor. Yet, like Crabbe, Jackson can catch and shoot efficiently. He may be very well a top five catch and shoot player in this draft.

What makes him such a dangerous scorer is his speed and agility. He's the full package on offense if you give him a good screen. Jackson uses his quickness to change directions on a dime while also being able to step back and hit a jump shot. Any defender would have trouble defending Jackson due to his combination of skills. Jackson is an explosive player and he can get to the paint with either hand. As for decision making, in some ways he reminds me of Nate Robinson. It may be cliche of me to say since they're both under 6'0" tall, but they own similar tendencies. For one, Jackson sometimes forces up shots that aren't always there. As Knick fans we all know no one does that more than Nate. Though, reports do say that he has improved his shot selection somewhat, so I won't label him Nate 2.0 just yet.

Probably my biggest concern for Jackson is how he's going to put up jump shots over longer NBA defenders. To answer that I'd have to say it would be with his perfect shooting form. From what I read on DraftExpress, it shows that Jackson has great balance, elevation, and follow through. All add up to make the difference for his height. Yet, to no fault of his own other than his parents for not birthing a taller Jackson, he still struggles over lengthy defenders.

Yea, but what about the passing? Amirite? Okay, so Jackson uses his explosiveness to get into the lane and create shots for his teammates. Jackson put up a 7.8 assist per 40 minutes pace adjusted last season. DraftExpress goes onto explain that even though he has the ball majority of the time for his team's possessions, Jackson is still 4th among players in their top 100 rankings in assist rate. This is due to his court vision and passing abilities. It's remarkable for a small player to find passing lanes like Jackson does.

Amateur Take - Defense: This is the scary part. Jackson is a lazy defender. Usually those who lack height put a ton of effort into their game, especially on the defensive end. This isn't the case for Jackson. Jackson moves his feet well, but daydreams when he's off the ball. He also can't fight through screens and gives up on doing so according to DraftExpress. If he wants to stick in the NBA, he'll probably want to start putting more effort into his game. Unless D'Antoni is his head coach. Yea, then he's doing fine.

Random Flag: I was going to put this part in the offense part of the post, but it probably deserves it's own section. Jackson has a turnover problem. It's decreasing from 4.5 to 3.7, but that's still a high number of turnovers. At times Jackson makes poor decisions at critical times that will cost his team games. As he gets into the lane he sometimes gets a bit out of control and that will cause him to turn the ball over. The scary thing is that Jackson mightily struggled against great competition. His turnover ratio against top 25 teams was 1/1 in eight games. Yikes.

The Clyde Factor: French sayings! Clyde will have to talk about croissants. Do it for Pierre, Clyde!

Knicks Knacks:

  • Pierre Jackson had an adjusted FG% of 44.3% on jump shots off the dribble says Synergy Sports Technology. This would be near the top 20th percentile in college basketball. (Fact from DX)
  • Jackson academically failed to qualify for Division I originally, so he spent his first two seasons at Southern Idaho.
  • His Knick name is now French Fries or Lil Spud.

Let's Get Reel:



  • Athletic
  • Quick
  • Changes directions well
  • Efficient scorer
  • Perfect form for his jump shot
  • Uses both hands well
  • Gets to the paint
  • Welcomes contact
  • Great court vision


  • Undersized
  • Erratic with the ball at times
  • High turnovers
  • Struggles vs. elite competition
  • Shot selection is iffy at times

Final Thoughts: Jackson is a raw prospect. He's going to score if he has the ball in his hands and he can definitely create scoring chances for others by drawing in multiple defenders. I could easily see him getting Tyson and others working the paint easy scoring opportunities. I also like that he can create his own shot due to his amazing ball handles. If he can cut down on the turnovers even more than he already he already has, then the Knicks would have themselves a scary offensive point guard.

Yet, he'll have to put in the effort on the defensive end if he wants to play for Woodson. I believe Woodson could get Jackson to commit on the defensive end. Let's just keep Jackson away from Amar'e just to be safe though. Don't want him getting any ideas.

Would you draft Pierre Jackson?

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