Why Ricky Ledo? No Question!

Lets start by saying I love Jamal Crawford's game and I see Ledo as the second coming with defensive potential that we don't know he has yet but he's a kid! I will say he will be better than Jamal and J.R on D because of his drive and he won't play under Woody unless he shows effort and desire!

Did someone say J Crossover the most exciting Knick ever! Well that's Ricky at an early age he does a lot of he same things Jamal did for us and still doing plus more!

Ledo shuffle Check his pre-draft work out for what its worth!

Ricky is Jamal on speed and he mixes up tempo like Jamal with an exceptional handle and Kevin Durant stroke. Play-making skills are nice and can adapt to the point well! At point he can slash and pass out or dish for open Novak as well something we missed this season. I hate to see J.R go but this player can fill immediate needs because trust me J.R will take the money and run! ( I always had mixed emotions on Uber Starks anyway)

Defense he will get an opportunity to learn but has great size and good wing span. J.R might be gone so we bring in a scorer plus play-maker; yes he has little track record but the kid has crazy game! Today you must protect yourself with two way players who can shoot and create for self as well ! Separation is the key to a good shot and he has no problem at all! Remember Jamal is a threat because of separation and slashing ability now add speed and that's a lethal combination!

You say who has he played against and he must be raw but consider him a high school-er with crazy potential or Brandon Jennings like player who was born with exceptional skills, size and stroke. Those players come by ever so often especially at 24 and if he's there you can't pass on that!

New York can bring back flash and make a splash!

I do love Toni Mitchell dream senario is to get Tony at 24 and find away to secure later 1st or very early 2nd because he won't be there after 34!

* Potential to move their picks in the 2nd round for multiple reasons!

31 <a href=''  title='Cavaliers receive the Magic 2013 second-round pick'  class='mock_team_link'><strong>*Cleveland </strong></a> *Cleveland

32 <a href=''  title='Thunder receive the Bobcats' 2013 second round pick. (via Houston, OKC and Boston)'  class='mock_team_link'><strong>*Oklahoma Cty</strong></a> *Oklahoma Cty

33 <strong>Cleveland </strong> Cleveland

34 <a href=''  title='Rockets receive the Suns 2013 second-round pick (Marcus Morris trade)'  class='mock_team_link'><strong>*Houston</strong></a> *Houston
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