Everybody Calm Down

Hello my internet Knicks basketbros! I just wanted to write up something because it seems people are going a little overboard with the pessimism lately. I know this is our annual freak out time, but really should all take a deep breath and relax.

The stress isn't good for you. If you don't calm down, you won't make it to 2022. Also known as the next year the Knicks have a draft pick in either round.

Ultimately our offseason hasn't been that bad. In fact, given our limited ability to maneuver, I think we've done pretty ok, with GG's specialty, signing minimum players who can contribute, coming up. But based on what I've seen in some of the comments sections here people would have preferred we did the following this offseason:

- Fire Mike Woodson

- Not sign JR (just throwing that room for a contract away)

- Offer the full mini MLE to Copeland

- Offer Novak and Camby for Dirk Nowitzki

All of which is obviously insane.

Mike Woodson has provided us with the best season in over 15 years. He got us to second place in the east. He was in the running for Coach of the Year. He completely reversed his image as a stodgy, boring traditionalist who was offensively dead into one of the most cutting edge and advanced coaches in the league. Oh, and for the first time in forever the Knicks are looking at having stability from one season to the next. We clearly can't let that happen.

Woody's not as perfect as his goatee, but no coach is. Not even Pop, who is the best coach in the NBA. I hate to break it to you, but any coach the Knicks ever have will do things that will drive you crazy. The question is how damaging those flaws are. And we didn't lose to Indy in the playoffs because of Woodson. We lost because our best players were injured/sick/didn't come through in the right moments.

And how ... how, my fellow Knick fans, is it still possible to sleep on JR after what he did for us this year? He was the 6th man of the year. 0 chance we make it to the second seed without JR. Hell, without JR we might not have even won the Atlantic. I understand disappointment with his playoff performance after the elbow/Jet flop. He played like ice cold dog shit. But we spent money on him we couldn't even use on others, so it was basically a choice between JR and no one. I don't understand how anyone could look at a player of JR's caliber, look at the talent on this team, and then think we'd be better off with nothing.

As far as the years on the contract, its a supremely reasonable contract. We can always trade him if we need to. Look at what some players are getting handed around the league this year. We'll be able to deal

Guys, Copeland's not that great. I love the dude, his story is incredible, and I'd have loved to see him back, but lets not act like if only he had played more we would have beat the pacers. Lets take an accurate assessment of his abilities. He has a great 3-point shot, an awkward handle, and some inside moves while being a really bad defender and rebounder. He's an ok guy to have at the end of your rotation, but he's no gamebreaker. He's a lovable, but limited player.

And instead we got to keep Pablo, who really did make a difference between winning and losing. Both in the regular season and the playoffs. Pablo is someone who makes everyone else on the team better, while contributing in multiple ways on both sides of the court.

The last one is just nonsense. Look, I'm pissed as hell we gave up picks in the Bargs trade, but it's not like Novak and Camby were going to really net us any great player. I've seen people in the comments suggest Dirk and a host of other players who we never had a shot at.

Which brings me to the Bargs trade. It wasn't awful. Did we overpay? Absolutely. But Novak and Camby are no great loss. Ultimately we brought in a Copeland replacement. So we got to keep Pablo and bring in a Copeland like player (Bargs is a worse shooter, but has better handles ... Copeland is healthier, but Bargs is younger). As much as I don't particularly like Bargs as a player, if he plays half as well for the Knicks as he played against us, I'll be happy with the trade. If he plays terrible and is a detriment to the team, I won't really be that pissed. Because other than the picks we didn't give up much.

Just relax. Remember draft night? They announced Hardaway and most of the board acted like the Knicks had slaughtered their childhood pet? Now everyone's looking forward to seeing what he'll give us. So stop being melodramatic. Even if you disagree with all the Knicks moves this offseason, added together they still aren't as bad as a single Knicks move during a normal offseason.

Ultimately, we're in a position to be a talented team next season that's gonna be fun to watch and root for. One with some stability for the first time in forever. We're going to have a high playoff seed and fight for another Atlantic crown. And if we don't get to the top of the hill in the next two years, we're going to have the flexibility to reconstruct the team.

Also, don't get too carried away with other teams' moves. I feel like every move that gets discussed has people saying "That makes them contedner," "That makes them top 3 in the west." blah blah blah, but that makes more than 3 teams in the top 3. Remember the team that wins the offseason rarely wins the season. The Eagles dream team, the Angels last year, the Lakers last year .... every year, every sport has these teams that everyone decides are contenders because of their trades and FA signings. Those teams rarely ever win.

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