Saturday Bar-Tailed Godwits

Andreas Trepte


Good Saturday, offspring. I promised you links, so here's a big ol' batch of 'em.

- The longest-ever uninterrupted flight on record was made by a female Bar-Tailed Godwit. Godwits are wading birds that migrate realllllly far, and in 2007, this particular lady flew from Alaska to New Zealand-- over 7,000 miles-- without stopping. And that was only part of her group's migration!

- Beno Udrih will wear number 18 for the Knicks, as you can tell from this Official New York Knicks Licensed Photoshop.

- Some direct quotes from Udrih's agent about the meeting Beno had with the Knicks. Sounds like they were pushing the "we like to play lots of guards at once" message pretty hard...

- Beno said all the normal things in his first interview as a Knick. The main point of interest here is that the Knicks sent him a "video of Madison Square Garden" way back on July 1. It was totally a DVD of old "The Garden Transformed" episodes.

- Apparently Mike Woodson was at a comedy show the other night!

- Speaking of Woody, J.R. Smith-- whose hair is now red-- explains exactly why he dyed his hair (The Meteor Man!? Stoners.) and what his plans are to correct it. (If you need more proof that the hair's red, here's J.R. riding a bike at Liberty practice.)

- And speaking of J.R., this is a wonderful article about his long-time friendship with a golfing buddy who has Down syndrome.

- And speaking of that, Zwerling's article (and the hair interview) are from J.R.'s golf tournament, a charitable event J.R. holds every year to benefit his youth foundation. Our friend Scott Davis attended the event and wrote up a great piece about it.

- Carmelo Anthony is in Puerto Rico for his yearly visit. This is what he looks like when he plays golf. Dave Hopla's there, too!

- Maybe settle down, Pete Rock.

- Cuttino Mobley and the Knicks settled! You can go back to your normal lives now.

- Boob Snilvermang wrote about the forthcoming "Linsanity" documentary. I got to meet one of the guys behind the documentary at a book reading, and it sounds like that movie's gonna be pretty cool. Certainly cooler than they ever could have imagined when they started making it.

- A joint All-Star Weekend in Brooklyn and Manhattan would be pretty awesome, I think.

- Happy birthday, John Starks! This shirt is amazing.

Have an excellent Saturday. Watch out for moths.

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