Here is the 2013-2014 Knicks schedule

Nick Laham

They're gonna play basketball games!

Here is the whole Knicks schedule for next season. Here it is laid out differently at KnicksNow. Here are some facts about it:

- Yeap, it is a schedule.

- The home and season opener is on the second day of the NBA season, October 30 against the Bucks. The road opener is the next night in Chicago HEY SEASON-OPENING HOME-AND-AWAY BACK-TO-BACK WHAT THE HELL GUYS

- Christmas: vs. Oklahoma City at 2:30 PM. Martin Luther King Day matinee is the Nets!

- Other Nets games: December 5 at Brooklyn, April 2 at home, April 15 at Brooklyn. So, after a top-heavy schedule against the Nets last year, this one's bottom-heavy. So, uh, depending on seeding and whatnot the last two games might not matter very much.

- Long road trips, in chronological order: November 23-29 (WAS, POR, LAC, DEN); December 28-January 5 (TOR, then the Texas triangle to ring in the new year); February 18-22 (MEM, NOP, ORL, ATL); March 25-31 (LAL, SAC, PHO, GSW UTA).

- That west coast swing at the end of March is the longest road trip (five games). February and March are both pretty road-heavy. On the other hand, the longest home stand is EIGHT GAMES (and 11 out of 12) between the end of January and beginning of February.

- I see only one four-in-five-nights stretch, toward the end of February at Orlando, at Atlanta, home against Dallas, then at Miami. Update: Nope, there is also a four-in-five in early December against the Cavs, Bulls, Celtics, and Hawks. UPDATE NOPE THREE ARE THREE I'M GONNA STOP NOW

- 2013 ends with a home-and-home against the Raptors, Andrea Bargnani.

- No word about national TV games yet, but it's kinda easy to guess.

- There will be seven preseason games, but they have not been announced yet.

- Playoff opponents have not been announced yet, either.

- MSG just sent out a press release about this that also mentions that the SKYBRIDGES will be introduced this season. SKYBRIDGES.

I haven't counted back-to-backs yet, but there are certainly some (Update: 18 of 'em). What else do you notice?


They also play on Tu B'Shevat. RUH ROH!

Update again:

Chris Herring says it's four four-games-in-five-nights stretches, so just never listen to me. I initially said there was only one! What an idiot! Also: 16 Friday games :(

Update: Full national TV schedule, y'all.

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