Wednesday Harris's Hawks

The Rambling Man


Okay, hi! I will show you some links.

- I picked Harris's Hawks because I was watching an episode of North America the other day that showed a group of them hunting a rabbit. They are rare-- perhaps unique-- among raptors in their tendency to hunt in groups. They also look terrifying when they decide to run around instead of fly. That video is fucking awesome.

- From TBJ: Metta World Peace pretend-fraternizing with Kevin Garnett, which I cannot tolerate and Andrew Unterberger's choices for most interesting new and returning Knicks, which I think are apt.

- Iman Shumpert gave a great interview about last season and this offseason (I linked to some quotes from it the other day). Tim Hardaway Jr. gave a pretty boring interview at the rookie photo shoot, but hey, he seems nice, and I suppose there's less for him to talk about.

- Andrea Bargnani is sick :(. A respiratory infection may hold him out of some EuroBasket competition :(.

- Charlie Widdoes cuts the Knicks schedule into bite-sized pieces for you.

- On that note: That eight game home stand on the schedule is their first in a long, long time.

- I dunno how Mike and Jim got intel about so many of this season's games, but I trust them.

- Two of the most excellent people I know-- Will Leitch and Chris Herring-- talk about the Knicks and the Knicks beat and life and just everything. It's great.

- Preseason scoops: The Knicks will face the Wizards in Baltimore (Carmelo Anthony's return!) on October 17 and they'll play the Celtics in Providence and Manchester, NH (HEY JIM! JIM!) at some point.

- Cool article about Toure' Murry's hopes of making the NBA from a Wichita State perspective.

- Ja Rule watched a lot of Knicks games in prison, which is probably what I would want to do if I were in prison.

- Our friend Mr. The Fish graded the Knicks' offseason...pretty kindly!


- Two graphs from expert graphsmith Ed Kupfer: Total travel miles for all the NBA teams this season (Knicks are middle-of-the-road) and breakdown of games per day of the week (Knicks appear to have an average number of Friday games).

Those are the links. Pretty good batch, I think. I hope you enjoyed them whoa how did this just change to italics? I didn't hit the italics button. There must be a shortcut in the SB Nation system that I don't know about. Well, I'm gonna change it back by hand because this is getting annoying. Okay, see ya.

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