2014 Knicks Free Agency

The Knicks will work out Dahntay Jones



How will Melo's contract affect the Knicks future?


A comparison of the pay cut Melo took to other possible contracts and how each option would affect the Knicks' cap.

The Knicks have signed Jason Smith


That was quick!

Who will the Knicks pursue next in free agency?


There's not much money left to spend.

Jackson: Melo took the pay cut the Knicks wanted


We still don't know exactly how much that was, but okay.

Melo announces he's returning to the Knicks


On his website!

Reports: Melo will re-sign, no seriously this time

No money details yet, though.

Wait for Melo continues, Bulls move in on Gasol


12 days in, still no answer.

Aldrich is coming back to the Knicks, Odom is out


Welcome back, Cole! Bye, Lamar.

Okay, now your turn, Melo

They say it's down to the Knicks and Bulls now.


It is Friday and Melo is still a free agent

So much for the Thursday announcement.

The Knicks have made several offers to Melo


So, not just the max.

Sources: Carmelo Anthony is a reptilian changeling


P&T has the guts to name its sources. Catch up, other journalists.

Isola: Melo will return to Knicks

Nothing's done. Nothing's official until Thursday.

Is today the day Carmelo Anthony decides?


Please? Help?

It is July 8 and Melo remains a free agent


The wait continues.

It is Monday and nothing has happened with Melo


[Jeopardy music]

Melo melo Melo melo melo melo Melo melo.

Please just finish.

Reports: Melo is seriously considering the Lakers


Weird timing for such a rumor to come out.

Everyone expects Carmelo Anthony to come back


This does not constitute a decision.

Reports: Knicks offered Carmelo Anthony the max


This comes after the Lakers reportedly did the same.

The Knicks are meeting Melo in L.A.


Thursday night! Immediately!

Carmelo Anthony visits Los Angeles


This is supposed to be the final stop before he returns to New York.

Carmelo Anthony is visiting Texas


He'll meet the Rockets and Mavericks Wednesday.

Potential frontcourt targets for the mini-MLE


What sort of frontcourt players might the Knicks pursue with their mini-MLE?

While Melo travels, the Knicks have been quiet


With little to offer, the Knicks will wait their turn in free agency.

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