If Woodson wants to save his job he would be wise to shake things up.

Woodson is on the edge of a cliff with Dolan getting ready to push him into the river of good riddance. And to be quite frank Dolan has all the right to be mad about this season he built this team as a contender. Woodson has not been able to put the pieces together.

If you look at our roster it's a pretty good one with headline names like Carmelo Anthony, Amare Statimire,Tyson Chandler,Jr Smith. The roster also has a bunch of good players of Tyler,Martin,shumpert,Tim Hardaway jr, Pablo, and even Felton .

So let's take a look at the guys that play the most for coach Woodson we'll start off at center and talk about who Woodson

thinks is his second best player. Tyson Chandler. Chandler came to New York fresh off a championship in Dallas , a

defensive jugger knot that kept other teams out of the paint. A dpoy his first year with the Knicks and it looked like a great signing. The fools gold about Tyson is we over paid big time, no body was going to sign Tyson for 14 million a year for a guy who's career numbers are 8 points,8 rebounds and a block a game. Even Cuban said take him for that price who is like the George Steinbrenner of the nba. After his DPOY season, Tyson has declined rapidly not by his numbers but he has lost a step on defense and is no longer considered the paint enforcer he once was two years ago . Opposing teams are getting to the paint at will against the Knicks. Two years ago as a fan we didn't care that Tyson was terrible on offense and couldn't hit a shot or if he put the ball on the floor it was a automatic turnover. Because he was such a beast at protecting the paint and stoping teams from putting up points. This is no longer the case Tyson for the past two years has been a step slow and is not protecting the paint and he still can't hit a shot to save his life. So the two best things about Tyson's game are non existent now making him a over paid back up center that should be getting 20 minutes a game.

next up starting power forward

Carmelo Anthony,

Melo has been nothing but arguably the best forward in the league who really has improved on the offensive boards. i have no issues with him starting.

next up small forward .

Iman Shumpert,

Let me start off by saying I love Iman shumperts game on defense. As a young prospect who can lock you down when he feels like it. Shumpert is still learning what he can do on offense and by the looks of it, it's gonna take awhile. Shumpert should be coming off the bench as a defensive Spark who goes all out for 20 minutes a game. He should be practicing jumpers in practice all day every day till he gets some consistency. Still a nice young piece off the bench but by all means should not be starting.

Next up shooting guard, Pablo Prigioni

It's kinda funny the Knicks best point guard is the Knicks starting shooting guard. Last year it worked this year it just simply dose not work as well. Woodson only had Jr. smith at shooting guard last year and he did a great job with Jr. last year keeping his ego in check. Woodson also had three serviceable point guards to incorporate into the offense last year,this year he has Tim Hardaway jr. Prigioni is a nice defensive player that can grab a steal or two a game. Offensively Prigioni is great pick and roll guy who can get the ball to the open man. He also can hit the open three. Not a bad veteran starting point guard but should be coming off the bench.

Next up starting point guard.Raymond Felton

Well where do I start. Let's start with how coach Woodson uses Raymond Felton . Woodson plays mr South Carolina 32 minutes a game. Felton is not in that kinda shape to handle that much time on the floor.Felton has always been an inconstant player through out his career. Felton doesn't do anything particularly good or that bad except his defense. When he comes out in high energy he can penetrate he has a ok floater, he can dish somewhat his court vision is pretty poor... I recommend he comes off the bench for 15 to 20 minutes a game.

next up the bench

6th man

Jr. Smith

Jr. Has all the talent in the world as we all know, he's gotten off to a slow start this season which was to be expected coming off of knee surgery. But he's starting to play like the Jr. of last year . I've always debated in my mind if Jr. should start . like last year I love his energy off the bench and he should stay the 6th man.. Woodson needs to run more plays to get him more involved.

7th man

Amar'e Stoudemire

Stat started the season slow coming off another offseason knee surgery. But now Stat is looking like the player who came to New York four years ago,with a added bonus of a nice post up game . Now that his time limit has been lifted I expect stat to get around 30 minutes a game. If Woodson is smart he will start him and let him finish out games. Pre injuries Amar'e was one of the best closers in the league. I still believe he can be dominate, I know he needs more minutes and needs to take a bigger role with the team. It's time to max out stat!

8th man

Tim Hardaway Jr.

Timmy has been quite the find, he's a four way polished offensive player. Can can hit threes all day long with his fantastic catch and shoot ability. He's arguably the best transition player we have with a knack of attacking the hoop and getting and 1s. He also has a nice mid range game.... Timmy can penetrate to the hoop as well as the next guy.. He deserves to be the starting two guard just on the fact he is a offensive weapon, and would get plenty off open looks as a starter with my projected starting line up. His defense isn't quite there yet but it's not as bad as Felton and he's young it will get better with more minutes.

9th man

Jeremy Tyler

All I'm gonna say right now is wow, we struck gold in giving this kid a chance this summer and he's done nothing but impress since the summer league . He's a big boy at 6'10 250 with a 7'5 wingspan Tyler, can play ether power forward or center. JT4 is going to be a star in this league, mark my words . He has a fully polished offensive game with unlimited range inside the three point line. Tyler can beat you with the spot up jumper the turn around jumper the fadeaway. Great foot work in the post he can be a beast with his back to the basket. Jeremy is a animal on the boards and brings energy to the floor that Tyson is supposed to bring to us night in and night out. He still needs some work on defensive positioning but He's a good defender,with great blocking ability. Mark my words Jeremy Tyler is our best center and really spreads the floor well with Melo, and Amare on the floor at the same time. Vs the nuggets he had a double double with 12 points and 11 rebounds and was a plus 18 in 22 minutes. Get used to him posting those numbers as long as he consistently gets those minutes. I know I'm on the outside looking in on this thinking, butJT4 needs to start.

Woodson needs a switch up and we are ten games under five hundred

Pablo Prigioni should be our starting point guard he's a veteran and plays good defense, he gets the ball to the open man and can hit the open three point shot. Have Raymond Felton come off the bench for 15-20 minutes a game and tell him to be aggressive he's not a bad backup.

Our starting shooting guard should be Tim Hardaway Jr. He is ready to take over the rains and get 35'minutes a game. Tim is our best three point shooter and transition player. He's already getting better at defense, and with more time we will see his full arsenal on offense. He'll get plenty of open shots starting with melo and stat. You have to ask yourself who do you want shooting the open three Felton,shumpert, or Tim Hardaway Jr. Tim Hardaway jr. 100 percent of the time. Jr still is our six man off the bench.

Carmelo goes back to his natural position, yea it's fun watching him score at will vs opposing power forwards . But it's also beating him up and is going to wear him down. Not only can melo score on anyone , he also is a great rebounding small forward. Shumpert should be coming off the bench giving us a defensive spark with some transition buckets and some open threes .This move will take a lot of weight off his shoulders and let him be the freak we all know is inside of him for 15 to 20 minutes a game

Amar'e Stoudemire should be our starting power forward especially since the doctors lifted his time limit. He's looking like the Stoudemire we signed 4 years ago ready to take over games and he's even better now with a great post up game. Having melo and stat on the floor at the same time opens up the floor for everyone else. Let's not forget Stoudemire was one of the best closers in this league he also gets the offense going. I feel this is who JR comes in for and save stat for the second part of the second quater. And the second half... This also allows Carmelo to slide to the power forward position,when stats not in the game.

Jeremy Tyler should be our starting center he is so versital on both ends of the floor and can guard both the power forward or the center position. JT4 can also do what chandler can not, spread the floor! Tyler can punish teams who leave him open with his spot up jumper. You can also run a offense around him he can score on anyone with his back to the basket or facing up . His foot work is impressive with his back behind the basket. JT4 can also run the pick and roll and throw it down with highlight reel dunks with his out of this world vertical. he can also pick and pop confusing his opponent. On the defensive side your not loosing much. Chandler has been letting the guards in the paint at will it can't get any worse. Tyler is a above average defender and a good shot blocker with the monster wingspan of 7'5. At 22 it's only going to get better for JT4. Tyson not the player he once was, can come off the bench for 20 minutes and have some fresh legs grab some rebounds,block a shot or two and throw down a dunk or two. He could really give the second unit a boost, and spark some defense.

At this point we are still 10 games under 500 and the Knicks are not getting better with our current starting line up. When you only have one guy in your starting line up averaging double digits in points there is a problem. I like Tyson off the bench but at the same time we need a point guard upgrade and Tyson could be in high demand for a team looking to make a late push. I would try to package him up and get Lowry, rondo, Evens and Pierre Jackson, even a Lin deal.

Casey FitzGerald

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