Can Carmelo be the Hero?

Carmelo has had a pretty good year. He’s playing better on D, he’s grabbing career high boards, and while he’s struggled in the clutch, overall he’s been pretty good. This season is still super depressing. Worse still are the prospects for next season. The Knicks are not going to be good next year, while some things might fall differently and the Knicks might win 10 more games to get closer to a .500 club. Maybe they even play in the second round of the playoffs before losing. But those O’Brien trophy stickers are still going to look stupid.

So what can Melo do? He could take less than max, which he has already discussed. He might also be the only person in the world with leverage over the Knicks rebuilding plan. Could Melo insist on a strong head of basketball operations? Could he get Dolan to put a barrier between himself and basketball decisions? Just the thought of this makes me like Melo. He could do it. Melo could be our hero.

I’m not saying a Melo approved plan would succeed, but I’d pay to see it. I’ll even wait for 2015-16 season.

Some depressing Knicks thoughts:

Hit with divorce papers, Raymond Felton has earned some sympathy. This year is not going well at work or home for Ray, and I wish I could support him, if only Woodson would play him less than 20 minutes. Amare had a horrid start playing 10 minutes a game, but the crowd wanted him to do well, it’s when you play too many minutes that the crowd turns. I could root for anyone 5 minutes a night.

When Bargnani comes back… I think advanced stats (and regular stats, and the eye test) all confirm that he is a net negative when he’s on the court. So the RIGHT thing would be not playing him. I doubt that happens.

I look at the Hollinger playoff odds every day. I know the Knicks won’t be mathematically eliminated till the very end of the season, and current chances are slim (20%), but it’s likely that a few more Detroit, Cleveland, Charlotte wins, and a few more Knick losses and we can stop trying to reach the magical 8 seed. I think that would be a good thing.

I’d prefer Woodson has an excuse to play the young guys extended minutes which means playoff elimination.

I get that Toure had some issues when he played but you’re telling me he can’t get on the court with JR playing 35 minutes, and Felton playing 30? Give me at least 5 from each.

What's the deal with Tyson Chandler?

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